butterfly twists..no longer just foldable

I will always, always LOVE my high heels but contrary to popular belief, you cannot live in them. And as the years progress, due to a bad back and hours on end on my feet in 5 inch skyscrapers, I cannot withstand an entire day in them anymore.

Which is why I think foldable flats are such a great idea...they are stylish yet small enough to keep in your purse and change into once your obligations are done.

But despite their obvious advantages, I never really took to them because I thought they weren't comfy enough (really thin soles) and  they also didn't look very durable.

All that's changed with the new offerings from Butterfly Twists...which still boast a "perfect fit" but are now more comfortable and durable than ever with the addition of lovely new styles like lace up ballerina inspired flats and even boots! Who would've thought???
butterfly twists boots

butterfly twists philippines
Another thing I love about Butterfly Twists is that they are so great for travelling (especially now with the addition of boots). I like having a lot of options when I travel (hello travel photos!!! :P),but shoes are so bulky that I am often stuck with just two or three pairs. Butterfly Twists are so compact that I can imagine myself squeezing as many as ten (exag, okay maybe 5 and still have much more free space) in my luggage!

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