canadian minister of defense confirms presence of ufo's and aliens on earth

Okay, I haven't lost my mind in case you're wondering, thank you.

Anyway, I came across this video on YouTube today, it's a live newsfeed of (former?) Canadian Minister of Defense, Hon. Paul Hellyer confirming not just the presence of visitng U.F.O.'s on Earth but also the presence of aliens among us. Two alegedly even work for the US government and have been sharing vital intel on modern technology with the US Army.

According to Hellyer, 4 aliens species have been confirmed, among them a species called "the Tall Whites" who have been working with the "Kebel Group"? (couldn't quite make out the right name from the video). "The Kebel Group" is said to have very influential members who control the oil sector, 1st world countries, the banking sector and many others. In other words, not unlike the  "Illuminati's". These group of people have allegedly been taking extraterrestrials under their wing in exchange for valuable information and technology that they will later on use in their plan for world domination...

It is the stuff of Hollywood blockbuster films, don't you think? The whole idea confuses me in a way and I don't know what to make of it. Is it even true? Is fact influenced by fiction or is fiction influenced by fact? 

I have always believed there to be a different living species out there. After all, the universe if so vast that I find it a bit egotistical to think that we are solely the only intelligent living beings in its entirety. However, confirmation that they actually exist and have even visited us or are still among us is very unnerving. 

How do you feel about this issue and why have I only heard about this now? Have you?

ps. It also oddly makes me feel like I am the butt of someone else's big joke...

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Kath Rivera said…
Hello Sarah! Interesting topic. I haven't heard of this news but this "alien" thing-y is not new to me. My hubby is reading a book about aliens and their existence so parang minsan napapasip din ako kung totoo ba talaga sila. Ayoko kasi basahin yung book, baka hindi ako makatulog. hehehe. pero according to it, aside from milky way may isa pa na dun sila nakatira tapos parang ganyan din sa video na darating yung time na they will invade nga earth. Will look for the book nga nakalimutan ko na kasi yung title.
kath - super takot din ako sa aliens, more so than ghosts. I hate the thought of probes and stuff. :P
A N A G O N said…
Okay tinigil yung vid midway, natakot ako haha -__-
ana: sabi ko sayo for real e! hahaha