esprit 2103: california-inspired sunglasses

Spent Friday afternoon last week at the Eye Statement headquarters of the BLi Offices for a private screening of the latest offerings from their "Prestige Line". Brands included Guess, Esprit, Elle, Pepe Jeans, and Ted Baker.

 As you know, I am a big sunglass nut and I feature them 99% of the time in my OOTD's so I couldn't help but go buck wild and try on as many pairs as I could while I could....
Ultimately though, my heart was drawn to Esprit and I felt like the brand's sensiblities for its 2013 California-inspired collection was a match made in heaven for me. 

The new line up is divided into 3: Bohemian, Preppy and Sporty Luxe. 

The Bohemian line takes its cue from the swinging sixties and its pop culture with round frames and bold pops of color while the Preppy draws its inspiration from the Country Club with a collegiate vibe. The Sporty eyewear collection comes in thick, rectangular shaped frames which are great for morning runs or even hitting the slopes.

I have always said that I was born in the wrong decade. Although I wouldn't want to change the 90s and the grunge era I grew up in, I always wanted to be present in San Francisco during the "Summer Of Love". My best years would have to be 1965-1975. Most of the music, bands and icons I look up to were at their peak during this time frame and I can definitely see them in these specs. I am not going off-topic here, I just really, really think that sunglasses and music go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. Where would a rockstar be without his dark frames? Also known to be quirky, I see some of my favorite beat poets and writers in these colorful plastic frames.

Bottomline, I think Esprit hit the jackpot with their 2013 collection. It boasts classic, iconic shapes in updated colors which are sure to make a bold statement not just this year but in many years to come. To see for yourself, here are some of my favorites:

esprit 2013 sunglasses
esprit philippines

After all the confusion on which pair to take home (can you blame me? :)), I finally settled on a white frame because...
I think I made the right decision. What's your favorite? :)

Again, thank you so much Eye Statement and BLI for the opportunity and this wonderful spread!

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Tara said…
I totally would not have pegged you for a 70s beat generation enthusiast! Awesome. I totally love you more now. Especially because I literally always tell my friends that I was born in the wrong decade too!