feijoada: farewell conway's

I skipped the Preview Best Dressed Ball for this. Am I crazy? It depends on your perspective.

Although known throughout the years as a bar for the older set, I have a lot of memories in Conway's. Spent many high school and college nights there with friends and uncles discussing life, love and the future. My desire to stay anonymous and my inclinations as a recluse always draw me towards dimly lit hotel bars where bumping into someone I know is close to imnpossible.

An opportunity to bid farewell to one of the establishments closest to my heart in a Brazilian style fiesta was just too irrisistable for me to miss out on. Also, some friends of mine were performing that night: husband and wife team extraordinaire, Bogey Bernardo and yummy-mummy Denise Gonzales-Bernardo. Bogey was on the drums along with the rest of the crew from the Samba School Imperatriz Filipinense and Denise, when I recall Denise from that night, nothing else comes to mind but the term "Whirling Dervish". She, along with a few other women were really putting on the moves and did a fantastic job in maintaining the festive mood for the night.

 Everything was authentically Brazilian, from the food down to the waiters, it was as much a gastronomic delight as it was a feast for the senses. 

samba school imperatriz filipinense

farewell conway's

Although a little bit heartbroken to see this old friend go, there was cause for much celebration. Makati Shangri-la is revamping and turning the old Conway's into something more exciting this year. Two floors of awesome space to create new memories in.

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thank you so much Makati Shangri-la and Nuffnang for allowing me to experience this unforgettable event