foldable boots by butterfly twists

Foldable boots. These are pure genius. Why nobody ever thought about these sooner I don't know. Maybe because the majority thinks like me. I never thought it was possible but apparently it is. 

I love boots and I think this marks a very important event in footwear history. (haha)

Really now, how many times have I desperately wanted to pack boots in my suitcase only to take them out at the last minute due to lack of space and overweight dilemmas? Not only that, these boots are great for bipolar weather like ours. I have been in numerous situations wherein I leave my house in shorts and sandals due to the blistering heat only to be caught with wet feet and heavy monsoon rains later in the day. I cannot stress enough how much I despise getting my feet wet in rain and gutter water. Yuck. 

If you're thinking durability, these boots have got what it takes depsite being foldable. They are not glued to the sole but sewn which ensures that they are not going to break apart at the seams when drenched with water. If you're worried about the texture, just spray with a sealant and your good to go.

These new foldable boots by Butterfly Twists are definitely at the top of my wish list.

For more information visit and @BTwistsPH on Twitter.


Unknown said…
Really cool idea! It looks very fashionable too. <3