fujifilm instax mini launch outfit

Hi all! Good morning on this beautiful Father's Day Sunday! 

Here's a few more photos from the recent Fujifilm Instax Mini launch + a super casual joint ootd with me and Ana in it. Like I said in my previous instax launch post, the theme was California Girls ala Katy Perry but most of us didn't get the memo. Some of us were lucky enough to arrive in outfits that would blend in but a few unfortunate ones....(like me and ana) stuck out like a sore thumb. :P

The event was held at a venue located about a block away from our house and I don't know how it is with you but with me, I have this 300m shorts and flats only radius around my home. Event or not, I just get really lazy to make an effort to dress up. Also, I didn't think people would make so much of an effort because my impression was that it would be a "tech event" and I would be surrounded mostly by gadget and lifestyle bloggers who most of the time are dressed very casually. Boy, was I wrong. I got there super early and was even considering walking back home to change into something more appropriate but then again, laziness overtook me and I just decided to stick with my all-black "mold on the candy inspired" outfit. (haha...that's how it felt then with everything sugary, pink and saccharine around me)

Anyway, more photos from the event special thanks to Honey for sending them to me! :D

bloggers at instax mini philippines launch
 "Fresh-freshan" no make up look with amped up pambahay-ish clothes.  :P

Speaking of Instax Mini's...I am so addicted to mine. Seriously. They are so much fun and I love the instant gratification they provide. Just make sure to keep your eyes open once the shutter clicks! :P I finished up an entire cartidge in one night. I am going through them like candy.

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What you guys doing for Father's Day? We still can't decide. Any dinner + gift ideas? Men seriously are one of the hardest people to buy gifts for don't you think???

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toni oca said…
i love instax! used up 5 cartridges during my little girl's christening! haha! lovely photos, sarah!

toni www.perfumedredshoes.com
Dream said…
Thank you sharing,I like these photos, wish you dress up and happiness everyday.