giveaway: melange accessories

Hi guys! Back with a new giveaway, and this time it's sponsored by the lovely people behind Melange accessory shop on Facebook that carries gorgeous and sophisticated pieces that'll do just the trick to finish off your outfits with a polish!

Up for grabs are these 2 very unique, frosted, laser-cut cuffs that will go with just about anything you own in your closet. Wear them on either arm or stack!


  1. Must be a public follower/member of my blog through GFC (google friend connect)
  2. LIKE Melange Finds on Facebook
  3. Share this giveaway on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (don't forget to tag @sarahtirona) ex. WIN Melange accessories from @sarahtirona on
  4. Leave a comment on this post with your name, gfc name and share url.
***for extra entries - follow @themelange and @sarahtirona on instagram and @the_melange on twitter

1 Winner will be drawn via on July 3, 2013

Good luck! :)


Ma. Krystal Jade Coronel

Krystal Jade Coronel

Crischelle Arriola
Gfc name: Crischelle Arriola
wonderful. so perfect. love it.
lovely greets
maren anita

Giveaway Week on my blog:
patricia dias said…
patricia dias
henley said…
Henley Tabal
henley said…
Sorry Ms. Sarah, please disregard my first post. I tagged the wrong username.

Henley Tabal
Mizi said…
Mirzi Sarte
Quisma Yasin said…
name: Quisma Yasin-Valdez
GFC: Quisma Yasin
Share URLs:
leilani said…
leilani sonza
GFC leilani sonza

thank you Sarah!
Vanessa Mabel Camba
Vanessa Mabel Camba
Ghirlie Kilario said…
Name: Girlie Marie Joyce Kilario
GFC Name: Ghirlie Kilario
Shared URLS:
Instagram name: ghirlieee
Marilyn Gomabo said…
Marilyn Gomabo
bochog said…
Allan Reyes
gfc-Allan Reyes
Jenny Esplana said…
Jenny P. Esplana
GFC: Jenny Esplana
Shandie Valdez said…
Shandie B. Valdez
Shandie Valdez
Anonymous said…
Gie Cruz
GFC Name: Gie Cruz
Gie Cruz said…
Gie Cruz
GFC Name: Gie Cruz

1. GFC: Irene(Josslight089)
2. LIKE Melange Finds on Facebook (as FB: Joss Alvarado)

3. Tweed:

4.Name : Joss Alvarado

*extra entry:
Follow on Twitter: @Josslight089
Julie-Ann Sta. Ines
GFC: Julie-Ann Sta. Ines
Jenny Esplana said…
Jenny P. Esplana
Jenny Esplana said…
Jenny P. Esplana
Cyril Valencia said…
Cyril Valencia
GFC: cyril valencia

magzdc said…
Agnes Dela Cruz
GFC: Agnes DC
IG : @magxdc

Anonymous said…
Iris Castillo
GFC Name: Iris Castillo
Tweet URL:
Jenny Esplana said…
Jenny P. Esplana
Jet Reyes said…
Jet Reyes
misscarpediem said…
Chona Diaz
GFC name: Chona
Jenny Esplana said…
Jenny P. Esplana
Name: Camille Quiambao

GFC: notyourordinaryteacher
swaggy maggy said…
nia m
gfc-swaggy maggy
swaggy maggy said…
Kimberly Tiu said…
Kimberly Camille Tiu
GFC: Kimberly Camille Tiu
Jennifer Cristobal
GFC: Jennifer Cristobal
Marissa Poon said…
Marissa Poon
GFC: Marissa Poon
Marissa Poon said…
followed all 3 for extra entries :]
instagram: @marissa_poon
twitter: @marissa_poon
Anonymous said…
Anna Marie L. Balod
GFC: zoeiram21
kristina marie said…
Kristina Marie Letada
GFC: Kristina Marie Letada/kristina_168
sherry ann gole cruz
followed on twitter too
Belinda Ibanez said…
Belinda Ibañez
GFC: belindaibanez

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