kc concepcion, sam milby, luis manzano for sm parisian, milanos and salvatore mann

I attended the super fun launch yesterday of SM Parisian, Milanos and Salvatore Mann's newest brand ambassadors; Kc Concepcion for Parisian, Sam Milby for Milanos and Luis Manzano for Salvatore Mann, at 7th High in BGC.

The event was hosted by Joey Mead whom I've loved ever since she was a Vj for Channel V. She is still as perky, fun and chic as she was over a decade ago, if not better. I couldn't have chosen a better host for the occasion.

joey mead for  sm parisian milanos salvatore mann 7th high
What made this so much more entertaining was a surprise dating game wherein select attendees were asked to participate in. Me, Tracy and Paul were among the 9 chosen and it was sooo nerve-wracking but thoroughly enjoyable as well.

Prizes at stake were all expense paid vacations for El Nido, Palawan, Boracay, and Misibis Bay. Tracy won the El Nido trip, wow right? 

During my turn, it came down to a tie-breaker wherein I actually had to speak and not just lift up my A,B,C choices. I froze and lost. Boohoo. Better luck next time. Paul also lost by one point during a tie-breaker question and was quite heartbroken about not winning the Misibis vacation. Can't blame him. I would be devastated as well.

 During Tracy's turn, Luis Manzano was the "secret searchee", mine was Sam Milby and Paul's was Kc Concepcion. 

Mt tie-breaker question was "What sport would you ask me to join you in?" Since I was seated at the end, I got to answer last, my contender's (contender talaga? hahaha) answer was "surfing". How could I top that? I ended up mumbling "Futsal".  Can't believe he chose surfing over me! :P

sm store dating game

Not to get too sidetracked, let's get back to the ambassodors and Parisian's newest collection for 2013.

Here are a few of my favorite picks from SM Parisian 2013...
love the architectural heel of this one.

And yay!!! Was super happy to see these included in the collection. A multitude of clear, acrylic/perspex clutches!!! Been wanting one for ages but I found them a bit pricey but not anymore! The ones from Parisian only cost P799.75. They also come in a multitude of gorgeous colors. (hoarder alert!!!)

Also eye-ng this designer inspired studded black tote. Can't go wrong with a bag like this.

Everything's soooo pretty right? I'm having such a difficult time narrowing down my choices. Thank god they're all affordable I can probably get away with a couple more. :P

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sosyal naman ng SM parisian and milanos!! :D wow, if i was there and sam milby was the searchee, mamatay siguro ako sa kilig!!!