kpub bbq "meat all you can" review

If you like K-pop and Korean BBQ, this post is a must-read for you.
Have you heard about K-pub yet? It's a new Meat All You Can Korean BBQ restaurant located along the Fort Strip in Taguig where Le Souffle used to be. 

What makes it different from all the rest? 

  1. You get to eat and order as much meat as you want for an hour for only P499 or add P100 to extend your time for another 30 minutes or pay P899 for an unlimited all day feast.
  2. Live, free entertainment by K-Pop Bands.
  3. Korean waiters in K-Pop inspired outfits at your service.
  4. Complimentary unlimited plain rice/kimchi rice, barley tea, appetizers, kimchi, soup, steamed egg, omelette, etc.

Pardon the photos, I just had my phone with me. Wasn't planning on doing a review, it was a spur of the moment thing. There are just some things that are too good and interesting not to share. Anyway, I hope these do for now. Planning to go back with my DSLR soon to take better photos to replace these.


huge and comfortable with ample seating for up to 420 guests. They also have nice stable high chairs for kids and very clean bathrooms. Smoking area is located at the second floor within the "Heineken Bar".

heineken bar at kpub bbq 

koreans serving koreans but i'm not in korea
The Food:

I'm not really a K-Pop fan nor an enthusiast of Eat-All-You Can Buffet restaurants/hotels (i just get umay and my palette gets overwhelmed with the plethora of choices), but I am a big fan of good food, Korean BBQ included which is why I am so enamored with what K-Pub offers. 

For just P499, you get a complete meal from starters to dessert plus a wide variety of meats to BBQ. From what I remember last night, there was chicken, beef - plain or marinted and pork which you dip into their delightful K-Pub signature sauces that consist of 2 types - a mildly spicy paste and a caramelized onion. It's extra delicious when paired with their steamed egg and kimchi rice.

Through out your meal, there are waiters going around with appetizer and salad trolleys that you can take advantage of as much as you want during your visit. The salad is really good and you can also order as much lettuce+betel nut leaves for wrapping your barbecued meat in, as you want.

k-pub bbq kimchi rice

 After your meal, they give you a round of "Shikke"- a Korean dessert drink that's excellent for cleaning the palette.

shikke at kpub bbq
 About the live entertainment...
Like I said, not really a fan but I have to admit, it is quite entertaining to be entertained with a full production set up during your meal and for once, I did not mind hearing Gangman Style again and I actually enjoyed watching them do a rendition of G-Dragon's Crayon. 

Plus it's really crazy cool to be served by Korean waiters in K-pop outfits.

....And this little girl was too proud to admit she was having the time of her life but I could well tell that she was. Her big smiles and three empty bowls of rice speak for itself.

So yup, if you happen to be in The Fort Area, I highly suggest you take the time to visit K-Pub BBQ.

ps. they just opened recently so service can be a little sluggish but nothing intolerable.
 ...and if you plan on going somewhere else after dinner, make sure you bring an extra shirt with you unless you don't mind smelling like barbecue. ;)

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Issa said…
looks like Nikola really had fun! :)
siza said…
yay !! the group performing in that photo was DOWN TO MARS !! happy to know that someone enjoyed watching them perform CRAYON because some people think otherwise. but I know they are good enough not to be noticed, right ? :)
hi siza! yup, they were pretty good, i didnt realize they get critized often, thats too bad..
tala jolie said…
very informative. planning to check out this pub soon. but honey those aren't betel leaves. the leaves used in wrapping as substitute to lettuce? they are sesame leaves. betel leaves are used for nganga (not sure how it's called in english) and i don't think they're edible.