l'occitane: la collection de grasse

 Have you heard of the place Grasse? I first came across it in the movie Perfume. (have you seen it? it's really good. must see if you're into homicidal suspense thrillers. Anyway, back to Grasse...)

In case you aren't familiar, Grasse is the world capital of perfumery. The greatest perfumers in the world learned their skills here. It is where precious ingredients from near and far unite to create perfect glass bottles of  fragrance. 

Olivier Baussan

Karine Dubreuil, the nose behind L'Occitane, grew up in Grasse and trained at the Roure School Perfumery. Fragrant and pure memories of her childhood in the region is what inspired her to create L'Occitane's Grasse Collection. A sincere line of fragrances that was meticulously put together to pay homage to the school of Grasse.

Karine Dubreuil
From start to finish, each exquisite bottle from  La Collection De Grasse is meticulously fabricated in the same traditional fashion used by the great, early perfumers of Grasse. The result is a beautiful marriage of sincerity, simplicity and deliciously intoxicating fragrances from L'Occitane.

La Collection De Grasse comes in 4 variants. A variety created with only the best extracts from all over the world. Magnolia from the far east, blackberry from the South Of France, green tea from Japan, bitter orange from Tunisia, jasmine from Grasse and Egypt, bergamot from Italy, vanilla from Madagascar, narcissus from France...the list takes you on a wonderful olfactory adventure across continents.

Vanille & Narcisse -  an exuberant and expressive burst of laughter, the mellow warmth of the East. Discreet at first. The scent of Narcissus swells to reveal a bouquet of white flowers and spicy heart accords. Finally, rich and radiant vanilla borrows the wilder, untamed notes of narcissus that give it its spirit.

Key Raw Materials - vanilla absolute from Madagascar and narcissus absolute from France.
Head notes - blackcurrant, bergamot | Heart notes - narcissus, gardenia | Base Notes - vanilla, tonka bean

Magnolia & Mure - evocative of a shimmering, crimson velvet. Between flower and fruit, the magnolia essence provides the prelude to wild and slightly musky blackberry notes. Present throughout the fragrance, blackberry gives a tenderness to the woody structure. Its velvety seeds soften the solemnity of patchouli. Over time, the fragrance asserts its chypre character.

Key Raw Materials - magnolia essential oil from the Far East, blackberry infusion from the South of France
Head notes - bergamot, blackberry | Heart notes - magnolia, rose | Base notes - patchouli moss

The Vert & Bigarade - a summer's day, a climbing vine covering the walls of a childhood home, the freshness of a courtyard, the sound of water. This great classic from L'Occitane joins La Collection de Grasse. Refreshing, essential and aimed at both men and women, it has a thirst-quenching effect from the very first contact, when sparkling citrus notes burst forth in an accord of sweet and bitter orange. Hints of green tea, yerba mate and sun-dried straw give a reassuring touch before the aromatic base.

Key Raw Materials - green tea extract from Japan, bitter orange essential oil from Tunisia.
Head notes - orange, bitter orange | Heart notes - green tea, yerba mate | Base notes - cedar, thyme, musk

Jasmin & Bergamote - a light, graceful, dance. Bergamot discreetly lights up the scent and continues to retain a lingering presence. Contrasts blend with ambivalence, while jasmine reveals all its facets. To convey this ambiguity, at least two types of Jasmine would be needed: a jasmine from Grasse and a jasmine from Egypt. The balance fluctuates between petals and leaves, freshness and sensuality, day and night.

Key Raw Materials - jasmine absolutes from Grasse and Egypt, bergamot essential oil from Italy
Head notes - mandarin orange, bergamot | Heart notes - jasmine, lemon leaves | Base notes - sandalwood, cedar

l'occitane la collection de grasse

I was given the eaux de toilette in Jasmin and Bergamote and no bull, it's one of the best fragrances I've ever laid my nose on. It's sexy, sensual and intoxicatingly heady in a good way. Dennis said I smell yummy and I wasn't the least bit suprised (yabang much? haha) because that is exactly the first thought that entered my mind after the first spray. It's gorgeous.

L'Occitane's La Collection de Grasse is available in all L'Occitane boutiques and Rustan's Department Stores nationwide.