my bloggers united 5 outfit

 Special thanks to my super artsy friend Niche for taking my photos. These probably are my most favorites so far. Wish you could take my photos all the time!!! :D

Another BU has come and gone. Spending a couple of days resting and rejuvenating. BU is a heck of a lot of fun but also VERY tiring. We all usually lack sleep on the day itself due to last minute preparations and ingress. Personally had only 4-5 hours of sleep the night before. The adrenalin just really keeps us going.

Funny thing about BU, me and my other blogger friends were stressing out the night before because we all had nothing to wear. We practically packed most of our stuff to sell and realized too late that we forgot to set some things aside for our outfits. We ended up shopping each others closets during ingress for possible alternative ensembles. I ended up wearing this top I bought from Pax for P200.  I just took of the pads and altered the sleeves a bit at the last minute.

Pardon this shocked/gulat candid photo. It's the only one I have with a clear image of my earrings. :P

black origami skirt street style fashion

black mesh top street style fashion

jeffrey campbell don't even street style fashion

suiteblanco yellow green studded duffel bag ala rocco street style fashion
Thank you all again for coming to #BU5!!! Hope to see you in the next installment! :)

black mesh top from Pax | romwe black origami skirt/skorts | jeffrey campbell don't even | oneida silver spoon ring | suiteblanco yellow green studded duffel bag | sm accessories earrings


Lyn said…
love the outfit! :)
jawsmayobanico said…
It was nice seeing you last #BU5! Thanks for the hugs and kisses ^_^
@jaws: it was the least i could do! thanks so much for passing by :)
Hello Ms. Sarah, ask ko lang po kung san niyo binili yung cap niyo? :)
hi littlemisspoleng! :) it belongs to my borther in law pero its official merchandise of the la dodgers daw, you can buy it ata sa mga specialty stores for guys :)