what i wore to the topshop robinsons magnolia opening

This is what I wore for the opening of Topshop in Robinsons Magnolia yesterday. My jacket and boots were previous finds from Topshop and the rest of the outfit is almost identical to what I was wearing in two of my previous ootd posts. Sorry about that :P It just goes to show you how truly versatile and addicting these origami skirts/skorts are. I just can't get enough of them and can't think of a different outfit without adding them as a keypiece. I believe I have several more ideas stored in my memory bank that I plan to wear in future personal style posts. Apologizing in advanced. :P But don't worry, I switched things up today for the Parisian launch later. :P

Styled it a little more low-key for yesterday since it was an afternoon event in a mall. Didn't want to shock people with see-through mesh tops so I opted instead with this "too-cool-for-school" vintage "New York" muscle tee I recently got from Choies. Like my skorts, it's another super versatile piece that I am sure will get much wear and tear out of me. These simple digital print muscle tees are great for layering or wearing alone. I especially like this one because of how it was printed on the shirt. The subtle tropical print graphic on the font is so awesome don't you think? :)

black origami skorts street style fashion

black origami skirt street style fashion

new york muscle tee street style fashion

baseball cap women street style fashion

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