what's in my bag?

I don't remember why or how it came to be that posts like this were the in thing to do several years ago. I never got around to doing it but since I finally found a perfect "everyday" black bag that can fit eveything I need, might as well.

I've been looking for the "perfect black bag" for quite sometime already. I have found several designer choices that I really adore but since Nikola's tuition fee comes first, I have had to put those dreams on the backburner and settle with something a little more realistic and affordable like this beautifully studded bag from SM Parisian's latest collection...

And guess what, I even found a "mini bucket bag" version from SM Accessories for Nikola to use as her "perfect everyday black bag" as well. 

sm parisian black studded bag
In My Bag You Will Find...

Normally, wads of restaurant napkins, receipts and business cards but for this purpose, I cleaned it out and stuck with the essentials. :P

  1. iPad Mini - I enjoy reading a lot, especially while waiting which I often find myself doing when out. Wether it be, between events or school dismissal time.
  2. iPhone - because.
  3. Rayban Sunglasses - gotta protect those eyes from the sun and premature cataract at all times.
  4. Yosi Samra foldable flats - so I can rest my feet before, after and in between events
  5. card case - to hold my business cards
  6. Wallet - big fan of the way coach designs the interior of their wallets. this is my second already. broke the first one from overusing it. 
  7. Baby wipes - mom pre-requisite
  8. Body shop mini hairbrush - made from recycled wood! earth friendly always wins plus points from me
  9. Lipstick and Lipgloss - my current favorites : Laura Mercier Iced Melon and Hurraw Black Cherry tinted lip balm
  10. Swiss Knife - for impromptu wine sessions...and other emergencies
  11. Easy Pha-Max ballpen - I always lose my pens so I rarely buy. Just wait for handouts/ complimentary pens...or steal them from Dennis
  12. Rosary - makes me feel safer to have it around
  13. Hand sanitizer
  14. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Compact
  15. House Keys
  16. Oryspa Menthol Balm for headaches and stuffy nose
  17. Tape Measure - for when I'm lazy to try on clothes or when I'm sourcing.
Whew! It's a big bag alright, but despite all that, it still has enough space to fit my DSLR. I think it's even big enough to use as an overnight bag. I also love that its lightweight despite being studded.

Do you carry as much stuff in your bag? What are your mom essentials? I'd like to know :)

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Hollie said…
nice picks! it's so cool that you have those foldable flats handy in your bag ^_^
Random Beauty by Hollie
@hollie - learned the hard way thats its a super must-have for someone with my sched! :)
Gellie Abogado said…
Would want to blog something like this din! Oh and I'd want foldable flats too! :D

Super cute talaga you and Nikola have matchy matchy bags!!! ♥ Haha and I love all the stuff in your bag. Dami!!! May flats pa haha! See you soon mama Sar >:D<
j said…
Love the bag! Is that the one touted as an overnight bag? Do u mind sharing the price? :)
silviabia said…
Your bag is gorgeous +.+
Hi J! No, this is different, its made from vegan leather and its only P1200. Its from Parisian's latest collection :)