wink shapewear: postpartum + slimming (review)

 I went to the Spa in The Fort, BGC a couple days ago to meet the lovely ladies behind Urban Essentials Inc. and to familiarize myself with their flagship product, Wink Shapewear. Needless to say, I was quite surprised with their age. Urban Essentials is run by young women which therefore translates to a unique understanding and appreciation for the needs of other young and modern professionals, hence Wink.

Wink was developed in America and has a strong cult following there, in Australia, Singapore and now in the Philippines due to its unique composition.

Unlike its other competitors, Wink prides itself on the only shapewear brand that features a 51% Tactel Nylon Fiber and 49% Lycrasoft blend. What does this mean? The unique and high quality blend of fibers in Wink Shapewear ensure that....

  1. It's suitable not only for slimming purposes but is a highly recommended postpartum binder by the best OB-GYNE's worldwide. Helps you get your normal belly back after pregnancy.
  2. It provides constant and even compression which promotes blood flow and helps boost energy level by up to 22% in males and 30% in females.
  3. It's breathable and allows air to circulate close the skin so guaranteed no rashes or irritations.
  4. It's anti-microbial
  5. Enhances skin tone. Compression improves lymphatic drainage, smoothens the skin and reduces the appearance of unsightly cellulite
  6. Slimming. Wink Shapewear was engineered and developed by doctors to provide perfect balance of power, stretch and comfort. Wearing regularly guarantees reduced inches in target areas (tummy, etc)
  7. Improves posture and decreases backpain

Wink Shapewear comes in 6 variations that cater specifically to your different needs and problem areas.
  • Ultimate Belly and Hip Shaper - P2370
  • Ultimate Belly Blaster - P5590
  • Ultimate Postpartum Original Bikini - P3870 (their bestseller)
  • Ultimate Postpartum Ultra Bikini - P3870
  • Tummy Tucker Tank - P2800
  • Booty Shaper Shorts - P4300

wink booty shaper shorts and ultimate belly and hip shaper
I was given  a pair of their Ultimate Postpartum Original Bikini to try for myself, unfortunately, it's a size too big and I will have to exchange it for a smaller size but despite that I could already feel it's effectiveness in compression.

Admittedly, I am fairly skinny, but I am also what you can call "skinny fat" or slim with bulges (which I am pretty sure most of you can relate with unless you're one of those peole who gym religiously) and one of my biggest problem areas are my belly (which never fully recovered after birth) and the fat above my bra line near my armpits.  And yes, I also suffer from a bad back and bad posture.

These problem areas aren't really emphasized in normal clothing like loose t shirts and button-downs but the moment I slip on a bodycon dress, BAM! They are visible than ever and make me look heavier and older (god forbid) than I actually am.

As you can see in the photos below, Wink Shapewear adresses these issues flawlessly. The result is a slimmed-down, svelte shape which I never had my entire life until now. :D If I was wearing the right size, there won't be any folds in the fabric. Just a smooth sexy silhouette.
wink shapewear 
A few more things I love the most about Wink is that:

  • super comfy and doesn't feel restricting at all but gives ultimate compression (I've heard some people even wear them everyday even to the gym!)
  • doesnt' roll down
  • doesn't cause muffin tops (unsightly fat bulges above the garter)
  • noticeable support and improvement in my posture and lower back which I super need since everyone keeps telling me off to stand straight and not be "kuba"/hunchbacked

wink shapewear philippines
 And lastly, easy access crotch snaps so it's not a pain to go to the toilet every 5 minutes for people with small bladders like mine! 
wink philippines contact number
Check out the different types of Wink Shapewear to suit your every need at

To order your own shapewear from Wink, simply fill up the order form on their website, send an email to or call (0919)9129645 or (02)7012800.

If you prefer a Wink Specialist to measure you for your perfect size, you can also catch Wink Shapewear at the Karl Edward Bazaar this June-December 13, 2013 at the NBC Tent, Bonifacio Global City.

ps. Please share this news with all your friends and relatives who are pregnant or have just given birth, I assure you, they will be super thankful for it. Regular postpartum binders are such a nightmare to wear (they are bulky, hot and uncomfortable). I wish these were available back when I just had Nikola. Would've saved me a LOT of hassle.


Pink MagaLine said…
Ohhh.. I need that! I love the one with an opening at the crotch area. Hihi. Hassle naman kasi kung huhubarin mo pa! :P
true, i think it should be a mandated rule for all shapewear. :))
Anonymous said…
The pregnancy shapewear I used is very similar to this product from and it worked great for giving me the belly support I needed.