50 shades of gray

I know, my blog post title is so unimaginative, just couldn't help using it. For one, the movie is taking so long to come out and second, my outfit is kinda made up of different shades of gray. It's funny how a simple book can leave such a mark in people's minds for so long. Mine included. My imaginary crush on Mr. Grey still hasn't dwindled down after all this time. A fact that I am a little embarassed to admit because well, fifty shades is kind of a guilty pleasure for me. Something I'm not totally proud of but a girl's gotta have her fun once in awhile. Can't be reading heavy shit all the time. 

Anyway, I just realized that it's extremely difficult to write anything poignant when I have Mudhoney blasting through my headphones. It's either that or a battle between Nickelodeon and Dennis's wailing +practice guitar playing in the background. Equally not conducive for writing but I think I'll take Vanishing Point instead any time of the day. No offense honeys. :P

About the outfit, I wore this ensemble yesterday for a Pinkbox and Le Bunny Bleu event. It was a whole day affair so I made it a point to bring along my super comfy pair of Butterfly Twists. As much as I'd want to, it's really impossible to survive an entire day in 4 inch heel strappy sandals.

gray origami skirt street style fashion
sm ladies fashion
girl in gray origami skirt
arm party manila
origami skirt street style fashion
gray romwe origami skirt street style fashion
butterfly twists philippines street style fashion
sm ladies fashion studded sleeve white blouse | romwe gray origami skirt | hued bags silver tote | army party manila bracelets | cotton on mirror sunglasses | zara silver strappy sandals | butterfly twists neon pink and white foldable flats

***special thanks to Paul for taking my photos



Unknown said…
I love your skirt...


leilani said…
your sunglasses is really bagay sayong haircolor! :)