cherie gil for nestle acti-v

Spent yesterday afternoon at Romulo Cafe getting pampered c/o Nestle Acti-V's "Go Lounge".  It was a great reminder to always allot some time for yourself to de-stress. Stress is the common culprit for most health and beauty problems and yet it is also the most overlooked of all. 

We were definitely spoiled yesterday with massages, arts and crafts, short films complete with truffle popcorn and Nestle Acti-V strawberry smoothies, as well as a delicious buffet spread. We even got to take home our own personalized pillows, a DIY chiller bag and lots of Nestle Acti-V yoghurt. (Yay!)

As far back as I can remember, I have always suffered from stomach problems with constipation being a major player in it. My mom would share stories of my difficulties as a kid and how she always needed to have suppositories around. Being the 80s then, there weren't many holistic options or none that she was familiar with (thank god for google). Up until my teens, this was a big problem until I discovered laxatives and started taking them everyday. The only thing that made me stop was when I found out how dangerous this habit was. I switched to psyllium fiber instead but was also warned about the repurcussions of taking it daily. I was at a dead end and fairly miserable. Those who suffer from the same problems know that chronic constipation is no joke. It makes you feel bloated and lethargic making it difficult to dress up and function normally. It totally ruins your mood and you constantly want to go to the toilet to try and release but to no avail. It can get really frustrating and the pains that come along with it are no fun at all.

I suffered with all this for quite some time until one night at a family reunion, I started ranting and my aunt told me to try yoghurt. Apparently, the constipation problem runs deep in our family and I'm not the only who suffers from it. She said yoghurt helped her a lot and she hardly experiences being constipated anymore after taking it everyday for some time. This sounded like a miracle to me so I decided to give it a shot. Lo and behold, it actually works and is 100% safer than psyllium!

The face of Nestle Acti-V, the glamorous, doesn't age a day, Ms. Cherie Gil also swears by the same routine. She says it helps a lot in maintaining her svelte physique and over-all well being.

Out of the many yoghurts out there, why Nestle Acti-V?

Any yoghurt works okay but Nestle Acti-V kicks it up a notch by adding fiber. We all know what a key player fiber for our health. Nestle Acti-V contains ACTIFIBRAS which are active fibers that not only aid in good digestion but are also proven to help alleviate constipation.

It really works. Just make sure to drink lots of water within the day and make Nestle Acti-V part of your daily breakfast. Make it the first thing you ingest along with/before or after your coffee.



Hazel said…
i love nestle's yogurt, but the regular ones. i'll give this a try! thanks for sharing sarah :)