cropped and chunky

I've always wanted to sport a sweater like this but at the same time have been a little iffy to give it a try because I am naturally top heavy and I didn't think the extra bulk would flatter my figure. Now that I've finally managed to get my hands on one, I'm kinda really liking it.

I'm not sure what you call this silhuoette and I forgot which designer first made it popular this season (anybody care to educate me on this?), I came across it several times while randomly browsing the web but I can't recall right now...Anyway, I'm really liking the odd shape, I find that just by adding a bit of bulk in the right places turns an otherwise regular jumper into something quite avant garde. I wish I was able to snag a pair of those white, wide leg Zara pants, they would go so well with this. In case you still see those around in any Zara shop in my size (XS) (something similar would do too), please give me a heads up, would really appreciate it.

white and silver outfit
chunky sweater street style fashion
zara origami skorts street style fashion
crop sweater street style fashion
zara silver sandals street style fashion
transparent bag clutch street style fashion



xxxxxx said…
i want the transparent clutch <3 Its cute! :)

.never settle for less.
Kath Rivera said…
Hello Sarah :) Love the outfit. Ok yung sweater. I want one din ^^
Unknown said…
Been always a fan of your style Sarah! love it! love it! love it! hahaha ♥