DIY: leather fashion harness tutorial (carven inspired)

I don't mean to burst your bubble but this DIY has nothing to do with BDSM. 


I'm not sure if you've come across leather harnesses yet in an un-BDSM way, they don't seem to be that popular here yet, unless I have the wrong name for it...nonetheless, I have a new obssesion for them and like almost anything new in fashion, they have yet to reach our shores. 

My only options were to order a designer piece online for a small fortune or make my own with scraps. I naturally took the more frugal way and decided to turn an old leather skirt of mine into a harness similar to the one you see in the photo below:

Without further adieu, here are the steps to make your own leather fashion harness.

difficulty level: beginner
some sewing needed.

What You'll Need:

* use a tank top with a snug fit.
*if you don't have an old leather skirt, you can buy stretch leather at your fabric shop for around P230/yard. For this project you will only need 1/2 or even less.

Okay, now that you've got your stuff, let's begin with the tutorial:

Step one: check which direction your fabric stretches, lay on flat surface while making sure stretch is at horizontal (make sure you have the wrong side out). once that's done, lay your tank top over it like so...

Step two: Trace the shape of your tank top on leather fabric. The two lines at the neckline represent the front and back. The one at the top is the back.

Step three: Cut along the line of your "back neckline"

Step four: Trim away arm holes and front neckline.

Step five: Either hand sew or use a sewing machine to attach the front and back of your leather harness. Start at the shoulders.

Your're nearly there...

Step six: with fabric still on the wrong side out, sew the sides, then create an even hem by cutting.

Step seven: eyeball a "rainbow" on the front of your harness, mark  it.

Step eight: Cut away rainbow and you're done!

diy leather fashion harness tutorial
You will end up with something like this:

leather fashion harness street style fashion
Nice, huh? You can choose to keep it minimal and plain or embellish with crystal beads for a luxe effect. Enjoy! :)

I owe you guys ootd's for this one and my previous crop sweater tutorial. Promise to upload those soon. Just been really lazy lately. :P

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