giveaway: colorname DIY kit

Because we all need to express ourselves in every way, even the smallest possible way...
Let Color Name unleash the sleeping poet in you.

Colorname is a nifty gadget accessory that allows you to compose personalized statements for your phones. Each kit contains simple, connectable alphabets, stoppers, accent shapes (which include 100% genuine swarovski cut crystals) and attachments that you can use to create key rings, ear-plugs or those little things you hang to the side of your phones for cute-sy purposes only.

There are 4 in each pack so you can even gift a couple to your besties with statements to inspire or describe them...

Really, it's up to you. The possibilities are endless and only your imagination is the limit.

Because, I am such an imaginative creature, check out what I came up with...

  1. DOH! - for Dennis, because he reminds me of Homer in so many more ways than one.
  2. LOVE - for Nikola, because she is the epitomy of love (awww...)
  3. SARAH - because I have this (sort of) retarded (no offense :P), obssesive-compulsive urge to spell my name each time I'm presented with letters.

I kept one extra just in case I wake up one morning with a nobel-prize winning inpsirational message in my head. :D

And here's where YOU come in. I am SURE you can come up with better statements than I did so here's your chance to show the world (not really) how creative you are.

Special thanks to the people behind QT Gifts and Accessories, one lucky Fashion Eggplant reader with the most striking statement will get to take home a Colorname Kit of their own to play with.

How To Join:

  1. You must be a public follower/member of my blog through GFC
  2. LIKE QT Gifts and Accessories on Facebook
  3. Tweet "Unleashing the inner poet in me with #Colorname and @sarahtirona:  "
  4. Leave a comment on this post with your name, email, tweet URL and the wittiest statement you can come up with (no need for explanation).

will choose a winner on July 31, 2013.

so time to dust off those brain cobwebs, grab some peanuts and get those wheels turning again. ;)

good luck!!!

ps. Colorname is available in all Bratpack stores


Khyutee said…
name: Elaine Chua
email: khyutee(at)yahoo(dot)com
tweet URL:
wittiest statement: Khyutee On Duty
Unknown said…
Anna Marie L. Balod
"My life is faith, I trust.
I want loyalty, I'm honest.
I have self-control, I deserve freedom.
I am loved, I smile."
Girlie K said…
Girlie Marie Joyce Kilario
Rhania E. said…
Rhania Chang
you can call me rhain, and i caused the sky to bleed
abnkkbsnplakono said…
Mafe Manlapaz

Rackell said…
Rackell Villareal
Sexy Mom To Be!
Rackell said…
Rackell Villareal
Sexy Mom-To-Be!
Joy said…
Lovely Joy Merced

I'm a nerd, a good-looking one!
Thais M. said…
Thais Magalhães
"Always keep the faith!"
Jea Blancaflor said…
Jea Blancaflor
Kiamsai - the sweetest word my other half been calling me since we met. It's a chinese word.
sherry ann gole cruz
i'm your sweetest nightmare :)
jawsmayobanico said…
Jawaher Banico
I don't just chase my dreams, I MAKE IT HAPPPEN.
Unknown said…
Marilyn Gomez Gomabo
Must Do: Make a to- do list
Unknown said…
Marilyn Gomez Gomabo
Must Do: Make a to- do list
Jelo Manongsong said…
Jose Lorenzo Manongsong

Go for the Gold and Bring home the bacon and cheese! haha. :)
Gladita Manongsong said…
Gladita Manongsong

Nobody can ever put you down except YOU! :))
name: Rosalie Tangonan
email: tweet URL:
wittiest statement: NEVER GIVE UP!
Jessamer Abing said…
Jessamer Abing

National Treasure! :)
Jessamer Abing said…
Jessamer Abing

national treasure girl! :)
Unknown said…
Trisha Camille Lozano

Why have a minion if you got me to do some DIY's for you? ☺ LOL
Istin said…
Maria Christina Gumatay

Hindi ko maipapangako ang maganda buhay, magandang lahi puwede pa!
rejj said…
Rejj Sibayan
Everything happens for rejjisheart. :D
Unknown said…
Tabis lang, way karaw.
Unknown said…
Arjayssa Reyes

My son is my future.
Unknown said…
Arjayssa Reyes

My son is my future.
kristina marie said…
Kristina Letada

Age is mostly a matter of mind. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.
Anonymous said…
abigail ong
I am ME