glamourbox x avon unboxing

Have you ever tried subscribing for a sample box service? 
It's the "in-thing" right now when it comes to beauty products and I have noticed the steep competition between companies who offer this type of promotion. If it's in your intentions to try it out in the near future, I think now's the best time to give it a go.

Every month, sample boxes have been battling it out to come up with the best and "most premium" set of products to provide their subscribers with. In fact, to use the word "sample" to describe these boxes, I find, is no longer relevant. They have graduated to giving out full-size merchandise since the previous norm of miniature samples aren't gonna fly anymore if they want to gain a big share of the market.

This month's box from Glamourbox is no exception. The special edition Avon box contains exceptional products costing over P2800. Considering that monthly subscriptions only carry a price tag of P595, this is definitely a big win.

Something I find irrisistible about these boxes is the way they are always beautifully packed. It feels like my birthday each time a new box is delivered to my home. I shake it, check the weight and try to guess what's inside. I always underestimate the contents which leaves me pleasantly surprised everytime I do an unboxing. It never fails to impress me.

Inside the Glamourbox x Avon exclusive box, you will find:
  1. Anew Samples
  2. Full size Avon Anew Day Cream
  3. Skin Goodness BB Cream
  4. Moisture seduction lipstick samples
  5. Full size lipstick
  6. Full size lipgloss
  7. Mascara
  8. Eyeshadow Palette
  9. Blush

I mean, really, what else could you ask for? That's an entirely complete make-up/skincare kit for just P595. Tell me, wherelse will you be able to snag a deal as awesome as that?

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