instax mini diy afternoon

No #OOTD today because I spent the afternoon organizing my Instax Mini 8 photos. 
They've been haphazrdly hanging around my closet along with my accessories and whatnots for the longest time and I really wanted a special place to keep them in so they don't get scratched or damaged. After all, instax photos aren't exactly the cheapest way to document memories but the old school nostalgia they carry along with them are just too irrisistible for a romantic like me to resist.  
If you're anything like old soul who prefers things analog with an obssesive need to add personalized touches to everything, then I highly, highly suggest you start an instax mini hobby. The photos always come out beautiful and simply cannot be replicated via digital means, doesn't matter how advanced technology and apps are getting. I believe Instax will always have its own unique charm.

If you already own an Instax Mini or are planning to purchase one, I suggest you visit Insane Instax. You will love me for this because it is so bloody difficult to find Instax related accessories in our country! They're either hard to come by or really expensive. Insane Instax has everything you need and at really affordable prices. Plus, they deliver straight to your doorstep!

where to buy instax accessories manila philippines
 They have skins (stickers that transform your white instax frames into super cute printed ones), albums, cameras, camera bags, lenses, all sorts of film and even photo albums specially created for instax photos!)

instax photo skins philippines
 I spent most of this afternoon, organizing, captioning and storing my photos with my new goodies from Insane Instax...

 The hours go by without me really noticing when I'm surrounded by colorful pens and stickers. Check out my instax of Nikola which I decorated with a sweet cupcake skin:

Out of everything I got, this jelly album has probably got to be my favorite. Even the design and construction is reminiscent of the albums I used to have in the 80s. And of course it also keeps my photos well protected for future generations to appreciate.

instax mini photo album manila philippines
And lastly, here's something pretty interesting...instax mini 8 Pandora Film!

Check out the borders on this:

Still waiting for a super special occasion to use these.

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leilani said…
love your DIY! and I love instax!!