juro salon exclusif - updated review

Hi guys, spent most of my Saturday afternoon last week getting a makeover again at Juro Salon Exclusif. Has anything changed since my last visit almost a year ago? Read on to find out in this latest review of JURO.
Before (back view) -  I didn't realize how garish my old hair looked until I scrutinized it and took a photo. It was horrendous, agree?
Unlike my last visit when I was into wild, outrageously colored hair, this time around, I decided to go with a more classic, vintage-inspired look like Alexa Chung's.  But since my hair still isnt't at my desired length, what Mr. Jude did was to cut it in such a way that when it grows out, it will resemble my pegs without the need for a re-touch (except the fringe area, if I do decide to go with one in the future). He meticulously creates precise haircuts that follow the natural growth of your hair which is why his cuts grow out so gracefully. It literally feels like he's sculpting it instead of cutting. The end result is always like a work of art which is probably why he is reknowned by many as the best hairstylist in the Philippines.

alexa chung hairstyle
Mr. Jude giving Ms Rose a trim
Ms Rose foiling another client's hair (around 10-20 strands at a time).  Talk about precision and attention to detail.
Just like my last visit, Ms. Rose and Mr. Jude still follow the same S.O.P. Haircut first as observed by Ms. Rose followed by Custom Hair Coloring.

What is the difference between custom coloring and regular dye jobs? Loads. First off, the process is a lot more exact to the point of it being on the verge of  persnickety. Second, it requires years of experience to perfect and a special and gifted eye to execute. Third, it NEVER turns brassy even when it fades. Fourth, takes longer to fade and Fifth, the result. Custom colored hair highlights and compliments your haircut. Color is not randomly applied which is why you always end up with a more "natural" look .  Your hair comes out looking healthier and bouncier than before it was treated...now I think that's the clincher, right?  We all want to be able to enjoy sporting different hues on our tresses but the main reason that prevents most of us from taking the plunge is fear of ending up with fried and frizzy hair. This never happens when you put your mane in the skilled hands of Ms. Rose. She doesn't just color your hair, she preps it, treats it (strand by strand if needed) with collagen and makes sure all build up is gone before she actually applies the dye. (which is why it always comes out so nice and always makes me want to give her a big bear hug right after! :D)

best hair colorist philippines manila
As opposed to my previous dye job,  my new hair color is a lot more harmonious yet still made interesting with the numerous shades of highlights and lowlights that blend together seamlessly to create the perfect balayage effect. Yep, Juro is the only place in Manila that I know of which has the capability to create the balayage look. The depth of skill that Ms Rose acquired throughout the years has given her an intuititive capability to apply color "free-hand", pull it off and create a look that is truly personalized.

But wait, I'm not done. There's more! I have so much fun at Juro that I always end up having a coffee, discussing hair with Mr. Jude and Ms Rose which almost always ends up in fun experimentation. This time around we decided to give my hair a curl just to see what it would look like on short hair.

Check it out. The curls are still a bit tight because I took the shot right after curling. They relaxed after while but I love it. Not only does it make the color of my hair more distinct, it's so much easier to style as well.

balayage manila philippines
This pretty updo took less than 5 minutes to create using only several bobby pins and no holding product at all. Just a bit of oil.

It's so cute right?

with Ms. Rose and Mr. Jude of Juro 
Here's another photo of myself taken about an hour after. My curls are more relaxed with just the right amount of body. I'm seriously toying with the idea of getting a digiperm after this experience.

short digital perm hairstyle
To draw this post to a close let me sum it up with a few words. If you're looking to get a regular, run-of-the-mill hair cut and color, don't bother paying JURO a visit. On the other hand, if you're after real "Hair Couture" and a chance to spend an afternoon with the best hair stylist and hair colorist in Manila, then by all means, give them a call ASAP to book for a free consultation.

insider tip: ask about their packages to save on loads of money :)

For your reference, here is JURO Salon Exclusif's contact number and address:
Kensington Place, Unit #2D, 1st Avenue corner 29th Street (near Burgos Circle), Crescent Park West, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City 
tel. no: +632822-5673/09199915027(Fel)



enacui said…
May i just ask where you got the shirt/dress from? love the hair! x

krissy ♥ said…
Ang ganda ganda, Madam! ♥
@ena: you can check for complete outfit details here - http://www.fashioneggplant.com/2013/07/unlikely-jock.html thank you!!! :)
@krissy: weeeeeeh love it too, nakaka-kikay. hahahaha
Gellie Abogado said…
I am now, officially, in love with your hair Sarah! :D

Unknown said…
Been looking for salons who can balayage my hair up. Have you watched Guy Tang on youtube? He's genius. If they can do it like he does, oh my goodness.
hi rae! I havent but after your reading your comment, ill definitely check it out on youtube. pretty sure they use the same technique though :)