loudbasstard: unboxing, review, demo

I've been meaning to pick up a Loudbasstard for quite some time so I was ecsatic when I won one during the Nestle Acti-V event.

Most of my friends have expressed curiosity towards it as well so I decided to share with you my unboxing, review and a short video demo so you can see for yourself how these eco-friendly speakers work. 

The sustainability theme for Loudbasstard extends to its packaging which is minimal and very sensible. The thickness and build of the cardboard box is enough to protect the bamboo speakers from strong blows and tumbles during handling which eradicates the need for additional "protective packaging" like styro and/or bubble wrap. They also skipped on tags, manuals and other veritably useless add-ons that most other manufacturing companies see as a pre-requisite for branding. Besides, it's pretty straightforward only a numbskull would need a manual for something as beautifully simple as this. So to the Loudbasstard team, congratulations on nailing it solidly on the head. You definitely get the thumbs up from me for "best green packaging".

And now without further delay, the unboxing of my Loudbasstard:

"For the love of music" - nice touch

Inside, you will find: your Loudbasstard speakers and a cool sticker which I 100% prefer than a hangtag. It's going to look great on my laptop/guitar. :D

loudbasstard review, demo, unboxing
The speakers also have a very nice and smooth finish to them and the Loudbasstard logo is nicely etched on one side which surprisingly gives the total look a pleasant, sleek and modern feel .

Now that we've covered the aesthetics, how does it work.

I tried my iPhone 5, iPhone 4s and iTouch 4th generation in it. An iPhone 5 with a case like mine fits snuggly, I'm not sure if my Tech21 case is wider than most or if the iPhone 5 is naturally wider (I never thought to compare)but it doesn't slip in as easily as the iPhone 4s/iTouch. Regardless, it still fits and works the same way and is also what I used for the photos.

When it comes to sound quality, branded plug-in speakers are still louder and sound better. An audiophile might not be impressed with the volume and clarity produced by a Loudbastard but in terms of this, you have to take in consideration it's sustainability factor and it's ability to perform without the need of electricity and cables.

To further demonstrate, here's a short video I took using the Loudbasstard with my iTouch. 
*note that iPhone5's and 4s's sound better (I think they are equipped with better speakers) + I only took this video with my iPhone 5 in a normal environment. It actually sounds a lot better in person but for comparison purposes, I think this'll do. 

To finish up, I still highly suggest picking up a Loudbasstard. It comes in very handy for impromptu drinking sessions and I don't need to mention how practical it is to take along with you to the beach. No need to re-charge, no need for an outlet plus, it's 100% guilt-free and pretty affordable.

ps. they also have special models for Samsung phones

for more info, visit: http://www.loudbasstard.com/