pac philippines: pretty and techie with lenovo

Headed over to Il Terrazo's newly opened Vanity Beauty Bar and Patisserie for an intimate bloggers event sponsored by PAC Philippines - Professional Artist Cosmetics.

The small gathering was held mainly for us to familiarize ourselves with Pac's latest product. A collection of brightly hued liquid eyeliners.

 A short make-up workshop was held using the new liners...

PAC's new liquid eyeliners are highly pigmented and very easy to use. The pen-like design works just like a regular sharpie making it very easy to manipulate on skin. It's not difficult at all to create whimsical designs like this, much less your regular wing tips. The brush was designed in such a way that it creates perfect flicks each time with minimum effort.

pac philippines liquid eyeliner
pac philippines liquid eyeliner swatches
To further familiarize ourselves with the new liquid eyeliners, a small competition was held where we were encouraged to create our own designs on our partners.

All-star team Marge and Mikki getting started on their, Bestie and a few others decided to just sit this one out. 

And now the three entries....

From the beginning I already had a hunch that Mikki and Marge were gonna win this hands down. Just check out the gorgeous mermaid-ish theme they came up with. 

Aside from the liquid eyeliners, PAC is also known worldwide for these bestsellers...

pac two-way cake powder, creamy foundation

pac satin finish lipstick

pac velvet finish lipstick

pac color festival eyeshadow

pac single eyeshadow + custom palette

pac eyeliners

pac loose powder and face coloring powder for harsh light conditions on stage
And lastly, here's more incentive for you to check out the PAC counter at your favorite SM Department Stores...the Pac Philippines Pretty and Techie Promo with Lenovo. See poster for details.

pac pretty and techie with lenovo
pac philippines bloggers

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Yey! it was so nice meeting you yesterday, Sarah! :D