romwe 300+ leggings flash sale

Incidentally, I just picked up several packages from Romwe at the post office yesterday and one of them contained a pair of signature Romwe leggings which I purchased at regular price. Part of me wishes I waited for this flash sale but a bigger part of me is fine with my decision. 

I got a pair of plaid leggings in shades of blue, black and red. So cute, so punk, so scottish and kinda grunge. Romwe's signature leggings are made with a special material that doesn't squish your legs and I love how it doesn't create dreaded "camel-toes" (eeep!)  It is probably for this reason why stocks go so quickly as well.

If you've always been curious about Romwe's leggings, now's your chance to snag a pair or two. There's over 300+ designs to choose from with generously dropped down price tags. Wether you're into tiger prints stripes etc, you're sure to find a pair to fall in love with.

Romwe's flash sale will go on from July 23-25, 2013 only so hurry and check out the sale here:



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really amazing.... look my last post