romwe pretty things sale - P100-P500 only

Today, I am feeling very proud. I heard from a little bird that some of you have finally decided to pop your international shopping cherries at my urges via Romwe. I couldn't have chosen a better site to do it. Yay, congratulations babies. I hope you enjoy your purchases when they arrive in a couple weeks.

Speaking of Romwe and hitting the iron while it's hot, here's another reason for you to flex those fingers and start clicking and swiping. 

Romwe is having a pretty things sale where everything on sale is below P500 ($9.90)!!! Yup, below P500 and still at FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. It's the perfect opportunity for you to try out the site with minimal risk (although there really is none) and monetary obligation, in case you're still iffy. 

In the sale you will find numerous, supah cool t-shirts, make-up, and accessories like these:

I know a lot of you go ga-ga over Eye Shadow Palette, Makeup Brushes, etc.  
So now's your chance to hoard on these goodies for cheap! Shop the sale at: