sm babies organic collection

 SM Babies just released their new 100% organic babies clothing collection and I cannot help but feel cheated. I wish this was around when Nikola was a baby. 7 years ago, organic options weren't as readily available in our country and I had to spend quite a small fortune purchasing from online sites abroad and third party resellers in our country. Lucky for the babies and parents now, going organic isn't as elusive as it was before. Not only that, it's now also made a lot more affordable.

The SM Babies organic collection boasts a complete line from booties, tye-sides, bonnets, tank tops and even adorable tiny bath robes. The latest environmentally friendly additions are brought to us by already trusted, SM exclusive brands, St. Patrick and Tiny Tummies.

Why go organic?
  1. Why not? :) Espcially now when it is just as accesible as regular baby's clothes.
  2. Babies absorb harmful chemicals through their skin, 100% organic contains no toxic residue from plant pesticides, herbicides or processing compounds
  3. Organic is hypoallergenic and ultra-soft leaving babies snug and comfortable without the potential for causing irritation
  4. And most importantly, organic textiles are created with minimum damage to the environment. By limiting our carbon footprint, we are one step closer in creating a better future for our kids to flourish in.
How can you deny these faces of anything short of a perfect planet? 

These adorable babies belong to organic advocate, "IT girl" moms, Amanda Griffin and Nicole Anderson who were both present at the formal launch to extend their support towards making "Better Choices" for yourself and your baby by going organic and living a healthier lifestyle.

It is for this reason that the two moms were chosen by SM's Vice President of Children's Fashion Management, Ms. Joy Dy Juanco, to be the new spokespersons of SM Babies Organics.

Enjoy the benefits of organic apparel and pick up the latest organic line for your babies at SM Department Stores nationwide.