that bird.

Maybe it's the recent release of Despicable Me 2 and the public's sudden fascination with Minions that's got everyone wearing yellow lately. Whatever it is, it seems most blogger friends I know have been sporting the shade lately which is odd since it isn't even listed as one of the "hot colors" this year. 

On the contrary, my main reason for wearing yellow is because it makes me look less tired. Yes, I know I look like a 65 year old posing as a 30-something here but trust me, I would look even more tired if I was in a different shade, say salmon or coral maybe? Those shades don't agree with me at all. Anyway, I was REALLY tired and super hungover this day. To which gravity? Let's just say the type that makes you want to crawl under your sheets and call "mama" type. I was in no condition to go out at all but the event consisted of a massage at The Spa so how could I resist?

Needless to say, I am not really proud of this outfit post but I guess it makes a good enough look for days when you feel blah but don't want to totally look the part. Thank you lord for oversized sunglasses!!!!

"because lazy is the new cool" :P

ps. special thanks to my baby Tracy Ayson for taking thse awesome photos that needed zero editing. amazing. 

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