the 2013 sweater trend

You know what I love most about this year's sweater trend? It lets you get away with murder. 
Well not quite, but definitely almost.

Think about it.

A sweater has basically the same structure as a t-shirt but the simple change in fabric makes it much, much more stylish especially when it's in a luxurious material.

Case in point, this seemingly basic and conservative cashmere sweater that looks quite plain on its own but check it out when it's styled...

See my point? 
A good sweater is like a chameleon. It has the ability to adapt to the rest of your clothing effortlessly. Doesn't matter if you feel like dressing up or down, it will make you look great. Imagine these looks with a t-shirt instead? It won't work. 

In my opinion, women, even men should invest in several great fitting, high quality sweaters because:
  1. Granted it's a "hot trend" right now but they also never go out of style.
  2. Sweaters allow you to eat! (I hate having to sacrifice comfort over fashion)
  3. Instant polished, effortless chic look. Not to mention classy.
  4. C-O-Z-Y. Who needs a boyfriend when you have a snuggly sweater.
  5. They go with everything.

And lastly, a striped sweater is always a keeper. Never wait for it to go on sale because they almost always never reach that season. Women are drawn to it the same way a bee is to a flower and for good reason. It's a tough look to beat. All of modern history's style icons have been photographed at least once or twice sporting one. Just like a crisp white shirt, a striped sweater is another one of those definite fashion must-haves.