unlikely jock

I am currently in limbo. Not quite sick but not quite well. I am pretty sure I am coming down with something because my head and joints have been aching since yesterday and I have nothing to blame it on except a possible flu.

Which is why my eyes are kinda squinty and sleepy in the photos maybe? Or maybe it's Dennis's superior photography skills and timing or MAYBE it could also be my lack of modelling prowess? OR MAYBE, it could be all that. Whatever it is, it is what is it. Just try not to concentrate too much on my face and just focus more on the clothes I'm wearing, it is my new favorite shirt/dress/dress shirt anyway. 

Remember when I said in an old post that I would personally like to create an off-shoot of the pajama trend into my very own "nightgown" trend? I think my dream is either coming true or I just decided to stubbornly stick to my own style philosophy of wearing oversized shirts as dresses. I cannot think of anything more comfortable than this.

My head hurts and I don't think I am capable of making any more sense so I'll cut it short for now and chat more next time. 

sport luxe street style fashion
numbered shirt street style fashion
football jersey street style fashion
romwe "86" football shirt (BUY HERE) | mango black white minimalistic sandals | prada backpack



Unknown said…
wooh! what an awesome shirt!! ♥__♥

Michael Macalos
I love the jersey dress and how you made it sexy with the heels.