vanity beauty bar and patisserie

I stumbled upon this little haven during the PAC Philippines event a couple days ago. It's one of those secrets that's too exciting to keep. Why? Because Vanity isn't your average nail salon.

Read on to find out...

vanity beauty bar quezon city
Vanity Beauty Bar is located across Beyond Yoga at Il Terrazo Mall alongTomas Morato in Quezon City. To your right as you exit the elevators.

vanity beauty bar and patisserie
What sets Vanity apart from other nail salons? They don't just do nails but they also offer other salon services like blow dry's, make up and waxing. Aside from that, they are also the only salon affiliated with TWG Teas. 

You get to snack on delicious pastries and tea while getting your preferred service without having to leave the comfort of your warm cozy chair. I appreciate this extra service more than you know because it sometimes takes so long to get a full-on foot spa/mani-ped and I am almost always left famished by the time I'm done. 

vanity beauty bar location

To my knowledge, Vanity Beauty Bar and Patisserie is also the only nail salon I've heard of that offers premium nail laquers by Chanel and Mac (among others).

And my most favorite feature of all, COCKTAILS! Yep, Vanity Beauty Bar also offers very reasonable priced cocktails making it the perfect backdrop for a bonding time sesh with your girlfriends! Nothing like juicy gossip over Mojitos while getting prettified at the same time. Can you say perf???

vanity beauty bar services
vanity beauty bar pricelist
vanity beauty bar menu
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Teng said…
Cool! Me café :-)
hazel said…
i think they charge differently if you'll choose mac or chanel polish. i wish they just charge a flat rate regardless of what brand. :D
@hazel: yea no, i think plus 100? but id rather still get it done here than buy my own. i never get to finish a bottle and they always dry out on me :S