wet hair, don't care

Was it Amanda Byrnes who first coined the phrase, "Messy hair, don't care?" Either way, I just found it too irresistible not to exploit. Such a character indeed.

Fresh out of the shower here, no makeup, no blowdry which is why I cannot express enough how much I love sunglasses. They make you get away with so much. If only I could wear them indoors without getting overly scrutinized, I would. What's up with that anyway? Why must we have to reach celebrity status first to be able to don our sunnies everywhere without people judging us?


You know how some people say that certain heeled shoes are more comfortable than flats? That's not a lie nor a myth. I've experienced the same thing myself. I've encountered many pairs of flats which were so painful, I couldn't even walk from one end of the mall to the other in them. Most of the time, it's issues with straps that cut into my skin or odd shapes that squeeze my feet into contortion. Other times, it's lack of padding. These wedges from Gold Dot are proof that heels vs flats are sometimes more comfy. I can live in these literally. They are uber padded plus the additional rubber sole is pure genius. They fit like a glove and are non-slip. I wish all high heels were made like this.

Wore this outfit for a lazy stroll in the mall with Dennis...found this YSL shirt several days ago in a random stall in Greenhills for just P200!

ysl shirt street style fashion
white motorcycle jacket street style fashion
white sunglasses street style fashion
layered necklaces street style fashion
forever 21 white motorcycle jacket + printed pants | ysl shirt - random stall in GH | gold dot karine wedges | sm parisian studded black bag | white esprit shades c/o eyestatement | gold layered necklaces from forever 21 (around P105 ea. for the small ones)



Meikah said…
Love it! Especially like your bottoms. :)