what P500 can get you at romwe tops sale

Hi guys, like I said before in the past, before you go berserk in the malls for their end-of-season sales, you MUST check this out first.

A succesful shopping trip doesn't mean going on a rampage to get as many as you can for as little money as you can spend. What makes a shopping trip during a sale succesful is when you take a moment to step back and internalize: a. is it within your style aesthetic b. despite being on sale, is it worth the price? c. how much use will I get out of it. This last statement being a consideration as well on price vs. use. If it really is a bargain, go get it even if you're just planning to wear it a couple times. You can always sell it on ebay or to your friends after awhile and still get about the same price for it since you got it so cheap.

That being said, check out the beauties you can get at ROMWE's Tops Sale for just P500-P1000 ($12-$25), no hidden charges and absolutely FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE.

So if you're into Mint Green Riveted Vest, Stripes Shirt, and other hot Summer styles, then you will find them here, and almost 30%off!



Anonymous said…
Do they ship straight to your door or do these packages usually get held up at the evil customs office?
if you avail of free shipping, you have to pick up your packages at the post office,i always get charged P50 for each pouch. if you prefer home express delivery, shipping is $15. :)
and they dont really get held up. mine usually arrive around 2 weeks after i make the order