why we must free mali and shut down manila zoo

Good Morning, I'm sorry to have to berate you this early with rants but I came across a few comments on Peta's page about shutting Manila Zoo down which really infuriate me. How can they be opposed to shutting the zoo down? Have you been there lately? I can't believe how some people can still be so ignorant and blindly optimistic and idealistic about our government or maybe these people are actually from the government posing as regular readers?

I see your point, don't get me wrong, in an ideal world, I would love to see animal rights activists direct their energy and effort towards rehabilitation and upkeep of the zoo rather than having it shut down but really in this country? If ever Manila Zoo does get the much needed renovation it deserves, how can you gurantee that it will in fact stay that way or be built according to plans? How can you guarantee that no corrupt official will benefit from the large sums of donations put into their hands instead? Will a third party be allowed to oversee the entire operation? Aside from that, how long and when will this happen if ever it will in fact happen? In the meantime, should the animals stay there and just suffer? Where do you intend to put them during the so-called restoration of the zoo? If you care so much about the zoo, why don't you do something about it the same way PETA's trying to help? Enough with your conspiracy theories about the zoo being on prime land. It's current location isn't suitable to house animals anyway. It's noisy and terribly polluted. If ever your "conspiracy theories" are true, I don't see any reason why this piece of land should be developed instead into high rise buildings instead of it being a hell-hole and prison for captive animals because that's what it is. In no way does it resemble a sanctuary at all. 

You say that Manila Zoo stands erect for the less fortunate, an affordable place for them to be able to admire and educate themselves about these animals. Have you been there at all? Have you stayed an entire afternoon? I did and I'm sorry if this may sound elitist but all I saw during my visit there where ignorant and chauvinist young adolescents who did nothing but berate, litter and throw stones at the animals. There was no form of education present. How can this be good? 

Manila Zoo MUST BE shut down ASAP. There is no other solution and our beloved elephant Mali, should also be freed and made to retire to a sanctuary in Thailand where she can enjoy her remaining years. The poor elephant has been there for over 30 years seeing the same thing everyday, walking around the same confine and living practically her whole life threading on cement. It just really pains me to think about it. 

My morning started out with an optimistic notification informing me that Paul McCartney himself penned a letter to president NoyNoy about pursuing the case to #FreeMali. My moment of small triumph was immediately squashed when minutes after, I came across an article saying that Erap refuses to send Mali to Thailand because it would be embrassing. I remember clearly that he promised during elections that he will make it one of his top priorities to #FreeMali if and when he is given the new responsibility as Mayor of Manila. Erap says it is embarassing because Mali is just one animal and sending her to Thailand would show other countries that we are incapable of providing proper care and a solution to the problem. Okay, show me your solution. How do we fix this? What will poor Mali do in the meantime while you sort all the red tape out?

We need to #FreeMali. This cause is really close to my heart and I hope you support me and thousands of others who feel the same way. The poor animals are counting on you and all you have to do is spare a minute of your time to sign the petition. We only need around 3,800 signatures to complete the petition. You may sign it here and here. Please help me spread the word. Share the cause with your friends and family. LIKE the Free Mali movement on Facebook to stay updated with the campaign and share the progress with your friends.

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update: I cam across another article saying that Erap plans to modernize Manila Zoo and take in two more elephants from Sri Lanka in the future. I still have the same concerns. When will this happen, what happens to the animals in the meantime, What happens to the animals during the facelift? What level of modernization are you aiming for?



leilani said…
thank you Sarah for doing this to Mali. We need influential people to help alongside other people. By being united our voices will be heard much clearer.
Mali deserves to enjoy the retirement it really needs. We can't pretend that it can still survive here. it's too much to ask. Will surely sign!