yosi samra, butterfly twists: the thing with flats

Potential, purpose, practicality.

Aside from style, these are a few of the things I consider before making a shoe purchase. I was never really a "ballet flats" kinda gal. I felt no affinity towards them and I didn't think it suited my style much...until I discovered their...yep, you guessed it...purpose, potential and practicality. 

I'm not entirely daft. I just preferred boots and sneakers over them and the few pairs that I've tried on in the past didn't really do much for me. I managed to survive many, many years with just a single pair of ballet flats in nude. So why the sudden obssesion?

Flats as flats still don't make my heart skip a beat but foldable flats are a whole different story. 

My feet are kinda wide and for some odd reason, they make even the prettiest regular ballerinas look totally hideous. Not graceful at all, more like a caveman, or in this case cavewoman, trying to squeeze her feet into something that obviously wasn't made for her hunter/gatherer feet. Foldable flats on the other hand look natural on my feet, even pretty if I must say.

But that isn't entirely the reason for my complete turnaround. After all, they still have the ballet flat look. So, why? 

Again, it all boils down to being foldable. I find that foldables are way more comfortable than straight up flats and they are in fact, very practical.

I still prefer shoes that lean towards the androgynous but I have long accepted that they aren't the most versatile hence my new appreciation for pumps and along with it, its stumpy version, the ballerina - of the foldable variety of course. 

My insistence on foldable stems from my need to compromise. Its style still isn't number 1 on my list although I do admit they are classic and timeless and a must-have. But since I am "compromising", they need to have more purpose than to just look pretty. Anyway, enough jabbering. Here are a few of the reasons why I have a sudden obssesion with foldable flats and my favorite brands to date - comfort, style and price considered.

  • they fold into neat little pouches that fit into almost all of my bags
  • versatile
  • easy to pack and change into when feet start to hurt from heeled shoes
  • super comfy, no chaffing
  • more affordable than heels
I guess I don't really need to expound much on all that since I am probably one of the last people in our country to jump in on the bandwagon and you have also all probably known that way back as well. I just put it there for the sake of it. Having said that, let's talk brands.

First up, my first pair and the cause of my 180:

yosi samra ponyhair leopard print flats
 Yosi Samra. Been hearing about YS for quite some time but never really bothered to pay the store a visit until one day my feet started hurting in SM Aura and I decided to swing by and maybe get some relief for my feet. It's a candy store for women. I was overwhelmed and very surprised with the amount of variety available in store. 

Downside: a little pricey with flats ranging from around P2000-P3000
Upside: still cheap compared to heels

see what I mean about the shape? my feet look uncharacteristically ladylike in them...
yosi samra leopard print flats street style fashion
 Butterfly Twists. These were given to me at the peak of my fixation and I was elated. They're even comfier than my Yosi Samra's (because apparently the ones I bought were made of ponyhair + leather and therefore harder...sorry for lack of a better term) and way cheaper as well with a pricetag of less than half of what I paid for my Samra's.

Downside: smaller selection
butterfly twists philippines 
Butterfly Twists make you feel as if you're walking on clouds...shape isn't bad as well. 

neon cap toe butterfly twists 
And then a few days ago while doing a press release for The Little Things She Needs Philippines, I discovered these. Their own version of foldable flats. From experience, TLTSN carries really comfortable and ridiculously affordable shoes so I am checking these out for sure soon.

So now you know why. I wonder if there are other bullheaded women like me out there. 
Since I am no expert on this topic, I'd like to know your favorite brands for shoes like these.

Thank you for once again indulging me and allowing me to constantly babble. 



Issa said…
I love the Yosi Samra flats! love the design :)
Peggy said…
Cute shoes! I like the white one!
Kevin said…
So cool shoes.
Unknown said…
First found out about yosi samra through kikay exchange. I haven't bought one yet but I checked their store at sm aura. Wasn't able to fit a pair coz we're running out of time. Oh my goodness. I think I should get one. My feet are shaped like a man's and they're as wide as wide can get. Your feet look so dainty... This could be the only flats I'll need.
hi rae! galing no? my feet are the opposite of dainty in reality which is why i found these equally amazing. give it a try :)
Doris said…
Nice and amazing shoes, when wear them with a beautiful dress, they will be more attractive.