butterfly twists fall winter 2013 launch

Butterfly Twists. A shoe brand created sepcifically for the convenience and comfort of stylish women. 

Would you believe me if I said that one of the most famous foldable shoe brands in the world is run by four men???

It's true, in fact, one of their founders, Mark Quaradeghini, was even present yesterday at their Fall Winter 2013 collection held at the Straight-Up Bar of Seda Hotel in the Fort. 

Apparently, the brand was born out of a lost bet wherein one of its founders was forced to attend a party in 6 inch stilletos. No wonder he came up with the idea! And really, thank god for foldable flats. I would be lost without them now. 
butterfly twists co-founder Mark Quaradeghini
What's even better is that these flats, which used to be solely relegated to "after-heels" footwear, is now made sturdy enough to wear out on a whole day walking affair while still mainatining the same style, comfort and convenience that made them popular the world over.

butterfly twists philippines fall winter 2013 launch
butterfly twists foldable wellies
butterfly twists foldable boots
butterfly twists british flag ballet flats
The new Fall Winter 2013 Collection from Butterfly Twists didn't just showcase flats, they now also carry foldable boots (which fold into themselves, pretty amazing) and foldable wellies (my favorite) with removable sock-like accents! They're light and comfy which make them the perfect companion for travelling through different climates.
butterfly twists foldable boots street style fashion blogger outfit
butterfly twists leopard print foldable  flats
butterfly twists fall winter 2013 collection
butterfly twists philippines branches
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butterfly twistsphilippines  fall winter 2013
However, it's not just the new boots that we should get excited over, their new line of premium flats called the Sienna Collection are also equally lust-worthy. They're made of premium leather and have a luxurious look and feel which even have style icons like Olivia Palermo grabbing a pair!

olivia palermo buttefly twists
Take your cue from one of fashion's most respected tastemakers and grab your own pair of Butterfly Twists! :)

Butterfly Twists have a price range of P1699-P2299.


The Diplomatic Wife said…
I need those boots! I've been a fan for a few years already and the foldable flats have been saving my poor tootsies after many receptions. I wrote about it here: http://thediplomaticwife.com/blog/2013/03/02/philippine-finds-butterfly-twists/ Although I cannot advocate wearing flats for an entire day (my orthopedic surgeon does not recommend them because flat wearing made my foot arch collapse), I definitely need them for in between heels (because heels above 2 inches are also harmful for our feet - hammer toes - gross!) for functions etc.

Having moved to Berlin, where the amount of walking, cobblestones and all sorts of textured surfaces (I think this is to prevent slippage during snow) have already destroyed my new YosiSamras (One use only!), I think I must find a place to by these "sturdier" ballet flats AND I must have those foldable boots and wellingtons!