down with LA

Been awhile since my last outfit post, not only is the rainy weather NOT conducive for dressing up and shooting OOTD's, I am also damn lazy and bloated having spent the entire "Typhoon Holiday" camped out on our coach eating junk food.

Actually, I do like dressing up in cold weather, sweaters and jackets are one of my most favorite things to wear, I guess I have no one else to blame except laziness and myself. 

Sun is starting to come out again so I'm hoping that's gonna change soon. (cross fingers) Lazy+no excercise+junkfood = worst combination ever.

Aaaanywaaay, this was taken pre-Typhoon Maring on the day of the Hedgren Style Fair and Bebe Store Launch where I had one of the best kilig moments of my life when one of Bebe's head honchos approached me and complimented me on my style. #proudmoment That kind of shit doesn't happen everyday and I was totally not expecting it which made me even happier. Sorry to gloat, only happens once in a bluemoon. ;)

Enough about me, let's talk about you. How've you all been? I certainly hope you weren't devastated by Maring and are all dry, safe and happy. Thank you to everyone who messaged me with concern, it was real sweet and I really appreciate it :)

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***photos by Tracy


Ana Gonzales said…
yey! :) nakakamiss din outfit pics a :) and mag exercise (hahaha) i guess pantay pantay tayong lahat nag lamon mode hehehehe! ;p
sarahtirona said…
may latak pa ako ng maring, feelin ko til sunday pa to. (hahaha) :P
Dawn said…
Nice outfit! I could never seem to pull off the skort perfectly, It's frustrating! :)) Prayers of safety all the way from Cebu! x