flight 001 shangrila opening

I attended one of the most memorable events I have ever been to a few days ago. The opening of Flight 001 in Shangrila Plaza. Their 3rd and biggest store so far in the Philippines.

They took things to the next level by creating a sort of live "Catch Me If You Can"/vintage Pan-Am vibe complete with models dressed as flight attendants and a musical crew care of Repertory Philippines singing about travel and adventure.

flight 001 store opening shangrila plaza
flight 001 store launch philippines
But most memorable of all, even more than the mini broadway presentation, was the uber neat 2 week suitcase packed by Flight 001 co-founder John Sencion using their unique Spacepak system. There was actually an audible gasp from the guests when he managed to fit 14 shirts and 7 pairs of grown man pants effortlessly into this tiny bag.

Flight 001's Spacepak System makes rolling socks and stuffing whatevers into shoes a thing of the past. It also cuts packing time in half plus the convenience of having everything organized and color coded gives you peace of mind that no amount of money can buy. No more embrassing situations wherein your rolled underwear falls from the overhead cabin while you're trying to grab something else from your bag.

John Sencion co founder flight 001
flight 001 shangrila branch manila
The store itself resembles the inside of a 747 Jet fuselage. Luggage is displayed according to color and they stock every travel oriented item you can imagine. From padlocks, luggage tags, chargers, gadget cases, wallets, passport holders, you name it, they have it and in coordinating colors and prints as well. Makes looking for your things on the go a lot easier.

flight 001 luggage herschel
flight 001 bags
flight 001 manila branches
flight 001 contact number
flight 001 spacepak system
Seriously. Wouldn't you want the inside of your luggage to look like this? It's so neat and organized. It definitely takes the stress out of travelling and multiplies the fun by 100%!

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