hedgren style fair + fall 2013 collection

What could possibly be more frustrating than endlessly rummaging through your bag just to find your set of keys? I have been in that situation hundreds of times when my handbag all of a sudden decides to turn into a blackhole. It doesn't just annoy me but those of my companions as well. It's extra bothersome when you need to get your car keys out quick cause it's raining or you really need to unlock your front door fast and pee or worse, poop. 

Keys are the worst but it also applies to numerous other knick knacks that I normally store in my bag like pens, receipts, make-up and the like. We usually sacrifice practilicality for style. With Hedgren there's no need to choose between one or the other.

Hedgren believes that looking good and feeling fine should be a day to day thing which is why they create lifestyle bags that are not only made of high quality materials but are also equally chic and practical. Carrying a Hedgren bag on your shoulder takes the worry out of everyday tasks and makes accomplishing them easier, faster and more efficient by equipping us with  special compartments for all the little things we carry around with us everyday. Owning a Hedgren bag turns you into a more organized person and we all could use a little help in that department right?

And that is precisely the reason why Hedgren will always be my top choice for travelling and carrying around for errand-heavy days.

hedgren style fair 2013 glorietta
To celebrate 20 years of making life easier for all of us, Hedgren held a 2-day Style Fair where mall goers at Glorietta had the opportunity to get an absolutely FREE Makeover at the "Walk To Style" stations which included everything from hair, nails, make-up, on the spot styling (c/o me, ana, tracy and other memebers of Bloggers United) and even personality development!

Thanks to Hedgren, all the participants left with an extra dose of confidence enjoying what it truly meant to be beautiful both on the inside and out. Some of them even asked me to email them their "after" photos! :)

hedgren philippines
Capping off the wildly succesful event was a fashion show featuring Hedgren's new collection for Fall 2013:

Much to our suprise and delight, instead of getting a pure line-up of professional models they decided to cap off the show by having widely-known ,succesful and empowered women walk down the runway, Primer Group's vice president, included. They were all so game and professional about it that it ended up being a real refreshing twist for all of us. 

For your pleasure, some of my favorite picks from Hedgren's Fall 2013 collection:

hedgren fall 2013 collection

For more information about Hedgren’s Style Fair 2013, please visit www.hedgren.com. You may also like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.