O+ : 8.15 air shuffle android phone from lazada

So these past couple of days, I've been dead set on getting myself a juicer but have been to lazy to dress up, go out and look for one.  I've been relying on the web instead, thank God you can buy almost everything online now while in pajamas! :P

So anyway, everytime I googled something, Lazada always comes up and out of all the online shopping sites I've scoured, theirs seems to be the most complete, efficient and up to date. In fact, it was the only website that had a juice extractor worth mulling over. Sadly, it's currently out of stock but you know, while I was there, I decided to do some exploring and found so many other interesting items instead. I didn't realize they carried brands like Sephora, Michael Kors, Nike and so many others, they even have a category solely dedicated to personal pleasure! :P #mature

Seriously though, my favorite find would probably have to be this new mobile brand called O+ USA, particularly their 8.15 air shuffle android phone.
The words "air shuffle" really piqued my attention and the price tag it came along with was also equally tempting. Though fairly new in the affordable android market, I think O+ stands to be the new contender to beat.

The 8.15 Air Shuffle from O+ retails for only P12,183 but according to the numerous reviews I've read online, it's performance compares to the latest high-end android phone releases which retail for upwards of P20,000, you know which ones I'm talking about...

It runs on the latest Jelly Bean and comes pre-installed with Android 4.2.1. According to my research, only the Samsung Galaxy line and Nexus have this. It also runs well with popular games like Temple Run, Plants VS. Zombies, etc. Doesn't freeze or shut down.

Aside from that, it also has these nifty features:

  • dual sim
  • 5 inch display with scratch-proof glass (not sure if its gorilla though)
  • 8GB internal memory expandable to 32GB
  • quad core
  • 8mp camera with flash takes decent photos and video
  • bluetooth
  • dual camera
  • fm radio
  • 3G
  • gps
  • loud audio
Not bad right? But what I love about it most is its sleek design, doesn't look cheap at all. So yea, I'm totally contemplating on purchasing this as an extra phone. It's definitely worth the time to check it out.

For more info on Lazada.com.ph, you can check out this TV Feature on YouTube:


Leilani Sonza said…
Hi Sarah! SM has MATSTONE slow juicer. It is one of the best juicer out there. It is slow kaya pwede kahit wheatgrass and they even have a new gadget for extracting sesame oil pa ata un.cannot remember na! lol! It is better and cheaper than Hurom from Rustan's. Oi, now ko lng nalamn Lazada has "mature" products. teeheee...
sarahtirona said…
Hi Leilani! Ako din medyo na surprise but at least parang sm sila, covered lahat! hahaha! hey, thanks for the reco ha. super expensive nga ng hurom and since im just a juicing newbie, i dont want to spend that much on a juicer yet. will check out matstone. any idea on price range? :)
Leilani Sonza said…
it is 14K. same price even if you buy it directly from the manufacturer. But do not worry Sarah, coz it is worth every penny. Slow juicer doesn't kill enzymes kasi, Goodluck on your juicing! You can buy fresh wheatgrass sa EDSA Garden. It is along Edsa before Trinoma. You can clean it buy putting it in a water with baking soda for 20mins. Goodluck!