oilily: dutch brand opens in philippines

Remember those creepy photos of the past when children and babies were dressed as grown-ups in nothing but blacks, grays and whites?

That is where Oilily's story begins.

In 1963, Oilily's founder, Willem en Marieke Olsthoorn, decided to change all that by placing the child’s world and their experiences at the centre of his creative process. This groundbreaking philosophy resulted in a spectacularly vibrant and playful style of children’s wear which generated a multitude of fans worldwide including John Travolta, Madonna, Michael Jackson and Bill Cosby who regularly dressed their children in Oilily. 

The children's wear line was so succesful that it triggered millions of requests from Oilily fans all over the world to expand their product line. The high demand for their unique knack of mixing prints produced a ladies line in the 1980's and was soon followed by bags, linens, fragrance, cosmetics, and home decor.

In the Philippines, the cornerstone of Oilily stores are their fashion bags...

oilily greenbelt 3
After visiting their newly opened Greenbelt 3 boutique and  reviewing Oilily's history, one thing kept popping into mind...

(This is just a wild guess but) I have a VERY strong feeling that Oilily was born out of a hippie-hearted mind...think 60's, pschedelics, bright colors, non-conformity and out of the box thinking. Makes sense doesn't it? 

I could speculate as much as I want but one thing's for sure, Oilily has woken up the sleeping boho-chic babe in me.

oilily philippines bags
oilily wallets cellphone case philippines
oilily bags philippines
What eventually got to me was the exquisite workmanship, attention to detail and use of high quality materials. Oilily's bags project an exclusive but non-pretentious feel.

They are pretty "workhorses" that make perfect companions for your day-to-day/travel affairs.

oilily bags
To see for yourself, check out Oilily's offerings for Fall Winter 2013:

oilily philippines childrens bags
The children's bag are whimsical and too adorable for words while the adults line come in a variety of eye-catching prints in all shapes and sizes. Perfect for those O.C. moments when you just want everything to match. Quite practical for travelling too. Makes it easier to spot what's yours. ;)

I wasn't kidding right? You can match everything down to your umbrella! How cute is that??? Before I go, let me leave you with a few of my ultimate faves from this season's collection:

oilily fall winter 2013 collection philippines


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