opi bond girls - liquid sand

To celebrate 50 years of James Bond, O.P.I. is releasing six new shades inspired by some of the most memorable women in film.

The 007 Bond Girls Liquid Sand by OPI is a collection of glitter nail lacquers that dry into an attractive matte texture.

The mini set, as seen in the photo below, retails for P745 and includes 4 out of the six shades. You get Jinx, Vesper, Pussy Galore and Solitaire.

opi philippines
opi bond girls
Regular 15ml's retail for P645. Not 100% sure but I think you can only purchase the two other colors, Honey Ryder (shimmery gold) and Tiffany Case (light blue) in these sizes.

opi bond girls philippines

opi nail lacquer bond girls
If you're into textured polish, these are probably one of the best I've tried. They're super easy to apply even for amateur clutzes like me who manage to botch every other nail job attempted. They're smooth and highly pigmented, 2 coats are more than enough. Most importantly, they don't clump nor get thick after being exposed to a light breeze. One thing to remember is that you're not supposed to use a top coat on them.

Here are some swatches of the Bond Girls mini set:

opi bond girls jinx swatch
opi bond girls vesper swatch
opi bond girls pussy galore swatch
opi bond girls solitaire swatch
opi bond girls swatches
They're quite pretty don't you think? I especially like Vesper and Solitaire.

I've had these on for about a week already and they still look perfect, no chipping. I am due to review another polish so I tried taking them off earlier today. I ran out of nail polish remover before I could finish the job.

OPI's Liquid Sand nail lacquers are just like the Bond Girls they represent: attractive yet extremely hardy.

O.P.I. is available in all Rustans Department Stores nationwide.

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i was wondering nga where to buy them! rustan's pala!:D