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Morning guys! Up early today, been trying to fix my schedule. As much as possible, I would like to have most of my "duties" for the day done by lunch so I can make time for excercise. My body and spirit really benefit a lot from daily workouts. I don't think it's a cliche anymore. :)

So anyway, wore this outfit a few days ago to a couple of casual meetings. 

These new camo pants from Penshoppe are too good of a secret not to share. First of, I find the wash really excellent. It's just a subtle shade of camo which makes it practically go well with any color. Second, the fit (oh-em). They fit so well. Everything ends in the right place, hugs enough just to flatter but not too much that it causes fatty areas to bulge out. The rise is also perfect and it was a steal at P999! These are one of the best pants I've ever tried on. Even beats way more expensive pairs, I highly suggest checking them out. Size runs a bit small though so maybe try on a size bigger than you normally buy. Aside from that, they're perfection.

black "tissue-type" blouse and oversized distressed denim jacket from suiteblanco | penshoppe camouflage pants | rayban aviators | zara sandals | anagon chevron ring


Gellie Abogado said…
Haven't tried any camo on my outfit ever. This looks really good on you. So kickass!

@gelleesh: you gotte try these on in penshoppe, super worth it, promise! :)
do they have camo pants for men? :)
Unknown said…
Really nice outfit...I like the combination of heels with a camo trousers...
hi little miss poleng! not sure, i saw camo jackets for men though :)
thank you lubica! appreciate it :)