sm kids fashion toonfest giveaway part 1 + nikola ootd

SM Kids Fashion Toonfest is still in full swing and to further celebrate, I will be posting weekly outfit posts featuring Nikola in street style inspired outfits with her favorite cartoon characters from the SM Toonfest clothing lines in the spotlight.

First up is Minnie Mouse! Who doesn't love this classic Disney character? She has been one of Nikola's favorites eversince she was a baby so it was pretty much a no-brainer when we went shopping. We decided to pair it with a tulle skirt over leggings because hey, that's what all the kids on Nickelodeon are wearing these days!

As young as she is, Nikola has already developed a certain kind of personal style and there are certain things that she specifically leans towards and certain things that she definitely will not put on no matter how hard I beg. One of these non-negotiable items is comfortable footwear and shirts. Just like me, she prefers boots over ballet flats and round neck shirts over oxfords which is fine with me especially in bipolar weather like ours. 

So instead of going the traditional ballerina style route, we decided to give it a bit of a punk edge by pairing her tutu skirt with leopard print doc marten style boots which according to her, are: SUPER COMFORTABLE, Mommy!!!
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How about you? What was your favorite outfit as a child? Share your answer with me and who knows, you just might win yourself some SM Kids Fashion Gift Certificates worth P1500! 

At SM Kids Fashion, P1500 can go a long, long way. Just check out Nikola's outfit details:

red coat - P250 | minnie mouse polka-dot shirt - P399 | black leggings - P200 | tutu skirt - P399 all from SM Kids Fashion (that's a grand total of just P1248!)

doc marten style leopard print boots - P799, also from SM Kids Fashion shoe department.

You and your kids are definitely going to have a blast shopping for new outfits just like we did! To join my SM Kids Fashion Toonfest Giveaway, just fill up the rafflecopter form below:


Marie Castro said…
Marie Danicia Castro
mariedanicia @
I used to have a Big Bird dress and that's my favorite. I'm fond of wearing dresses back then.
Ain said…
I remember wearing leggings with dress top.. mom always bought it in terno! :D


Unknown said…
Mica Ella P. de Jesus

Hi! I'm a young mom. :) When I was a little girl, I used to love to wear Barbie dresses and Hello Kitty shirts. I'm a big fan of anything that is pink and that is why most of my baby girl's stuff is pink too. 😊😍
krissy ♥ said…
krissy ♥ said…
I want that umbrella! Super attention-grabber! :D I love Nikola's outfit! Like mommy, like baby <3
Agnes Dela Cruz said…
I love wearing floral printed dresses when I was a little kid until I ended up wearing jeans and shorts and blouses :))
I love Nikola's outfit specially the leopard boots!

Agnes Dela Cruz
clara said…
used to love wearing just tshirts, jeans and my timberland boots (which kinda looked like DMs at that time). and well, my mom loved to dress me up in dresses complete with ankle socks and black shoes :)

clara ocampo
Unknown said…
I wish a have a baby girl. She would be my baby alive or barbie! Nikola is so cute!

Anyways, since my mom is a dressmaker she always making and sewing me a Lambada dress. A dress with flowers and raffles i feel like i'm so girly when wearing it.

Cecille Capatan
Mitchteryosa said…
One of my faves was a torso dress matched with a colored and laced full panty stockings, a bag and bangles! Then my mom would do my hair in a pig tail haha!

Mitch Carvalho
mitchteryosa at gmail dot com
Unknown said…
Criselda Blancaflor

as a kid, i just wore sando and shorts :)
mayla lagrimas said…
Mayla Lagrimas
My favorite childhood outfit is a mini dress.
Krystyna Quimpo

when i was a kid i used to wear shorts and shirt a lot. and then my hair is all in braids :)
Unknown said…
my favorite outfit as a child were tshirts and shorts. those shirts that have our names on it. i think we had those printed at sm :)

Aileen D. Barcarse
Unknown said…
Ana Darato

My Favorite outfit when i was a child acid washed skirt and blouse lagi kami pair ng sister ko...
Unknown said…
Ana Darato

My Favorite Dress when I was a kid Acid Washed Skirt and Blouse
Me and my sister used to wear it like we are Twins..

Unknown said…
Anna Marie L. Balod

I remember back then, I used to wear my red short shorts, any shirt but always with a vest- a brown vest! I don't know why but during my childhood days I was fascinated with tsalekos. My nanay always rant at me because even if it's hot, i can't forget to had my vest! And now, while typing this I so miss it...
rhozallino said…
Name: Rhozallino Ramones
email address:

MY favorite childhood outfit is Superman! :))
PhinkyMommy said…
Leizle Demaisip

The Tweety Character shirts and shorts.
Joy said…
Omg your daughter is such a fashionista like you! She's so adorable and beautiful like her mom <3

Dress with laces is my fave :D

Lovely Joy Merced
aida said…
When I was a kid, I always wanted to wear a dress because it feels like I'm a princess. I used to wear tshirts and shorts/pants.

Aida Villanueva
acodeza said…
as a kid (well until now :D) i like wearing anything with hello kitty prints! from dresses, shirts, sandos anything basta my hello kitty lalo na pag pink ang color i super love it!

arra odeza
leilani said…
Nikola is very pretty!
Valerice said…
My favorite childhood outfit. was maong shorts, sleeveless shirt and sneakers.

Ma. Clarice Lao
Anonymous said…
Dahil 90's kid ako, lagi kong sinunuot ang paborito kong checkered "macarena skirt/shorts" hahaha.

Carol Javier
Jathnielsworld said…
My favorite childhood outfit are wearing a dresses,sleeveless, skirts and i remember when i was a child i don't wear jeans.:)
Rachel Anne Del Rosario
sherry ann gole cruz
My favorite childhood outfit was dresses and tutu,my mom likes us to dress like barbie dolls when i was young :)
Unknown said…
Sam Reboja
My favorite childhood outfit would be anything colorful! The more colors I have, the better! I think it suits kids (and even kids at heart) for it brings out the happy, youthful vibe in them. And I'm thankful that my mom allowed me to wear whatever I liked before, kahit mukha akong walking rainbow. Atleast when I look back at my kiddie pictures, nakakatawa but it somehow showed that I had a happy childhood. :)
thabibe said…
Maria Cecilia Azucena

I used to wear leggings that thime preggy look is the trend :0
Unknown said…
Michelle Jaguimit Namilit

My favorite outfit when I was a little girl is Stripe Gray and White Jumper Skirt and Black Shirt underneath. I want lacy pink panty too. Sneakers with Mickey Mouse logo and White socks with lace. For my hair I want White ribbons and a sling bag.
Unknown said…
May Ongsioco
love wearing dresses & character shirts
Seaman's wife said…
Aisa reyes Vagilidad

My fave childhood outfit is a tube dress. I feel comfortably sexy and stand out everytime I am wearing a tube dress =)
Seaman's wife said…
Aisa reyes Vagilidad

My fave childhood outfit is a tube dress. I feel comfortably sexy and stand out everytime I am wearing a tube dress =)
jaycellmae almendra said…
jaycellmae almendra
my favorite childhood outit was dress.
Anonymous said…
ricalyn sicad
My favorite childhood outfit was colorful and floral dresses (dapat katerno ng sa mama ko) and jumper!
Istin said…
I was boyish when I was but my mother wants me to wear dresses which I don't like at all. I am more of shirt and shorts kid. But one attire that I won't forget is the polka dotted preggy look blouse with leggings that I am fond of wearing which comes in orange, blue and green. :))

Maria Christina Gumatay
Unknown said…
My favorite childhood outfit was colorful dresses and wearing knee socks with cute bags!

Emilie P. Udasco
Unknown said…
I really love jumpsuit with a blouse inside. It looks cute.
Jea Blancaflor
Carlo Xci said…
Francis Falucho

My favorite childhood outfit is wearing cartoon graphic tee, pants and sandals/rubber shoes.
Name: Lou Sushmita Mae E. Bernardino

My favorite childhood outfit was skirts, sleeveless, up shoulders and jumper dresses!
gerb27 said…
Khrishia Sedenio
M y favorite childhood outfit are dresses with ruffles and laces. I remember my mom used to dress us up in the same outfit but different colors (same design). I have 2 other sisters! :-)
Unknown said…
Mary Joy Supetran
I remember when I was a child I always wear skirt with short and shirt. It looks sexy coz it looks mini skirt in front and short at back.
Unknown said…
Mary Joy Supetran
I remember when I was young I my favorite outfit is my skirt with short and a shirt. It looks sexy for me because it looks mini skirt in front and short at back.
Unknown said…
I remember when I was a kid I always wear jeans, shorts and rubber shoes.

Julieanne Francis U. Abayan
twinkle tapalla said…
twinkle tapalla
suspenders and shorts wth white blouse.sometimes my fashion statement during my childhood years is the 'walang kupas' na jumper.
riaramirez4 said…
Name: Mary Anne Ramirez
Email address:

My favorite childhood outfit are jeans and shirt(until now lol) comfortable :)
Anonymous said…
Patricia Manasan

My favorite outfit as a kid was tshirt, maong miniskirt, maong jacket, and high-top rubber shoes! (Halata ang decade! Haha!)
Riolynda said…
Rio Lynda Negara
Favorite childhood outfit is Jumper.
Unknown said…
I remember my mother would love to buy me a dress in the market, but I refuse to wear instead she will buy me another... shorts and shirt!

Margelyn Sanchez

ruru said…

My favorite childhood outfit is cartoon character terno and high waist shorts hehe na may design pa dati na powerpuff girls hehe
Karen said…
Karen Tuazon

My favorite childhood outfit is the preggy look. I remember my mom bought me 5 pairs good for a week.
Crysy said…
I have a lot of different photos wearing white pants and white shirt with cartoon characters and a suspender to make sure it won't loose hehe :)
Annie said…
Annie B. Egalin

My favorite childhood outfit is simply blous and skirt
Meekee said…
I always love wearing terno clothes... :D

Carmina Aguilar
Mylene said…
Mylene Manuel

My favorite childhood attire was maong pants, t-shirt with disney character print, and jelly sandals
bochog said…
Allan Reyes
i love mickey mouse outfits when i was young.
Unknown said…
Krystal Jade Coronel

My favorite outfit is t-shirt and chaleko =)
nelabratinella said…
Marinela S. Diaz

My favorite outfind back in the 80's were white short with blue green stripes paired with with white shirt with print (either felix the Cat or Fido Dido) :)
Dhadha G. said…
When I was still a lil kiddo, all I remember was -- I always wear different styles of dresses. I seldom see myself wearing jeans/pants/shorts. Since my grandma was a "sastre", she always makes me pretty dresses, whether there are special occasions or just a simple, ordinary day. :)

Mommy Pearl said…
I love wearing dress or clothes with tweety in it when I was a kid :)

Pearliza Paguio
Clarinda Santiago

I am a boyish when I was young, i love wearing maong pants/shorts & shirts...
Unknown said…
everything pink with lace and flowers! LOL
Unknown said…
I grew up wearing a pair of jeans & some really cool tees :)

Remedios Ventura
Rengie said…

My favorite childhood outfit was a pretty red dress paired with cutesy doll shoes.

Rengie Ann Bahia
gayle sy said…
My favorite childhood outfit was pastel colored jumpsuits.
Abigail sy
Misai Legara said…
Melissa Naomi Legara

My favorite childhood outfit is my barbie dress and shoes! I'm a barbie fanatic! ♥
Unknown said…
Catherine Kjell Buama
When I was a kid I remember always wearing jumper pants and my hair in pigtail.
Chloe said…
My favorite lacey blouse, denim skirt, and black leather ankle-boots. Yeehaw!

Chona Gomba
Rachel Canales said…
Rachel Canales

I love mickey mouse and winnie the pooh because they really look adorable. i am really hoping to win for my nephews upcoming birthday :)
Jennefer Purisima
When I was a kid I love wearing three sisters dress.
Emcel Fajardo said…
Pink stuff and barbie is my most wanted outfit back when I was a kid..
Maricel Fajardo

Emcel Fajardo said…
Pink stuff and barbie is my most want outfit back when I was a kid..
Maricel Fajardo
Unknown said…
Kirsten Allysandra San Juan
My mom usually wanted me to wear spaghetti strapped dresses and laced socks when I was a kid.
Kulabs said…
Lovely s. reyes
My fave childhood outfit is "dress and boots"
Unknown said…
Maricris T. Abarabar
I remember when I was in grade school my mom usually bought me dress or blouse and skirt and madalas pink color. hnggang sa lumaki ako I love wearing pink dress.
Unknown said…
Marijoy de Guzman

What's your favorite childhood outfit?
Probably me as Wonderwoman or the very common "Princess outfit" Haha
Any girl would want to be a Princess when they were a child :))
Anonymous said…
Mark Oliveros
Shirt, pants and rubber shoes for running/playing.
Mina said…
Merlina Palencia

My fave outfit as a kid is a combination of a chic top and skirt with comfy sneakers or slippers.
Unknown said…
name:Aminah Pajota
My favorite chilhood outfit is minnie and mickey mouse :) its was so great and awesome.
TamieLee08 said…
Jaden Lloyd Baconguis
I used to love wearing basketball shirt/shorts w/ my favorite mighty kid hi-cut shoes.
Anonymous said…
Don Balboa

Ans: Jerseys. And i used to have a button down polo with leaf prints w/c i was fond of wearing =)
Anonymous said…
Nelson Guevara
Unknown said…
Nam: Krisyhelle Garcia
Email Address:

Question: "What's your favorite childhood outfit?"

My answer: I remeber when I was a little girl, I really really love the "MACARENA" Shorts/Skirt. I don't know exactly why, but I know since I was a kid I am a "kikay" type of person.

Unknown said…
I'm the unang apo.My Mom and my Lola always makes me wear a dress pair it with a ballet or mary jane shoes.And until now i really do want to wear dresses always.

Marlene Yanga
Gie Cruz said…
My favorite childhood outfit was pink dress terno with pink sandals :)
Gie Cruz
Unknown said…
My favorite childhood outfit was my blue dress with floral and butterfly prints that was sewn by my grandmother. My younger sister has the same printed dress but different color and we always wear them on family gatherings and special occasions.
kany vic perez said…
name: Kany Vic Perez

email address :

what's your favorite childhood outfit

MACARENA" Shorts/Skirt for my beautiful pamangkin. Nag pumilit sakin sumali for her... :)
Anonymous said…
A simple shirt and skirt.

Name: Julie Gonzales

email address

Julie Gonzales said…
ame, email address and answer to the question: "what's your favorite childhood outfit?"
riaramirez4 said…
favorite childhood outfit was jeans and t-shirt

name: mary anne ramirez
jared's mum said…
Vix Parungao

my childhood faves are the matching dresses i wore with my sister. i missed wearing dresses, especially now that i have grown bigger!
Unknown said…

Arjayssa Reyes

My favorite childhood outfit was my pink fairy dress.:)It made me look like a fairy princess :)
miaka said…
Josephine S. Gregorio

My fave childhood outfit is the dress just like what Dorothy of Wizard of Oz wore.. and my mom will pig tail my long hair.. :) aww! i missed those moments :)
fmfallar said…
Felomina Villanueva

My favorite childjood outfit is tshirt and jumper plus sandals. lol
fmfallar said…
Felomina Villanueva

Jumper and shirt! :)
Unknown said…
I loved wearing my underwear with a fish print on it!haha And that colorful halter dress with ruffles and flowers. Good times!