sm ladies fashion website + feature

Great news guys, SM Ladies Fashion now has a website! 
sm ladies fashion website
Before, you would have to go through hours of traffic just to see what designs they have in store. Now you can do it all in the convenience of your own home. Plan your outfits and shopping spree days in advance. Get everything you need with less effort required. Make your list, check it twice, budget and get some outfit inspiration before you make the trek to the SM Store.

And here's a suprise! I checked out the website last night when I saw it land on my Facebook Feed and I was blown away to see a photo of myself on the homepage as their featured blogger. Means a lot to me, thank you SM Ladies Fashion. I really appreciate it.

ps. the website isn't complete yet but they will be uploading new photos everyday so keep checking! :)

Visit the new SM Ladies Fashion website here: and LIKE them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@smladiesfashion) for updates on new collections, promos and contests.