sm toonfest week 2 giveaway + nikola ootd

sm toonfest snoopy modern vintage street style
sm kids fashion toonfest giveaway
sm kids fashion street style toonfest
sm kids fashion
sm kids fashion toon fest modern vintage snoopy
For the second installment of our toonfest series, we're going Modern Vintage with everyone's favorite beagle, Snoopy!

Snoopy has been around since the 1950's and it is from this decade that we decided to gather our inspiration from. Instead of traditional poodle skirts and oxfords, we changed it up a bit to create a more modern, comfortable and kid friendly look. Sneakers took the place of leather shoes and we chose our accent to be this cool, plaid, cotton shirt from the Snoopy Collection in SM Kids Fashion. 

The sweet color combination, peter pan collar, pink accents and fabric that doesn't itch has automatically gained this shirt a place in Nikola's top 10 favorite things to wear. This versatile button-down can easily be paired with other closet staples such as shorts, skirts and boots to compliment Nikola's own personal style.

snoopy shirt (around P400) and blue skirt (around P500) from sm kids fashion | superga sneakers | socks from payless

And now, the giveaway part! For week 2 of our SM Toonfest celebration, I'm giving away P1500 worth of gift certificates from SM Kids Fashion  PLUS a special secret lootbag! 

To join and for the chance to go on a shopping spree for free, all you have to do is answer this question: "Describe your kid's favorite street style look" and fill the rafflecopter form below:

Good luck! Can't wait to see your entries! :)



Unknown said…
Aileen D. Barcarse

i don't have kids but i dote on my nephews and nieces :) hope i can still join this giveaway... my niece's favorite street style look are printed shirts over dark-colored leggings plus open-toed sandals
ni ni said…
cool! i like it :)
Unknown said…
Julie Ann Tolentino

I don't have kids yet, but I have a niece (technically, my boyfriend's niece) that I totally adore. She's into shirts, shorts/denim skirts, and boots. She loves boots to death!
Unknown said…
Arjayssa Reyes

My 2 yr old son loves to wear his checkered bermuda shorts and pairs it with a plain t-shirt. He often chooses his high-cut shoes or loafers to match it. :) Then he wears a cute black eyeglass (no glass) to get a street smart look. :)
Agnes Dela Cruz said…
Agnes Dela Cruz

Here is the photo link of my daughter's outfit posted on my Facebook photo album "My Lyf" which I have been complying for more than a year now.

In the photo she was wearing a Just Tee's pink blouse from SM Weekend sale, we got it for P199.95. Demin and ruffled lace combine skirt with butterfly embroidery which was given to heras pasalubonh from the US. Planet sandals in pink and gold size 6 ( yep her feet is now an adult size... lol), accessories such as Robbie Rabbit denim and pink strapped sling bag which she puts her valuables like cards, mirror and comb and some other bits en pieces she likes to bring everytime we got out, and a yellow slim headband for her hair accessory plus a pulled up hair.

I have been taking photos of her everytime she dress, going out for a walk in the mall or even a tag-a-long with Me. :)
acodeza said…
Arra Odeza

my daughter always wear leggings and sleeveless blouse since cute and comfy with it!
Mommy Pearl said…
My son who is 3years old street style look is shorts and t-shirt with cartoon character prints.
Pearliza Paguio
Nicola has a cute smile. very natural:)

Ohms Emocling

I have a two year old daughter and 3 years old niece, my favorite street style look for them are short match with boy's buttons down long sleeve with topsider shoes.
Istin said…
Maria Christina Gumatay

For my kids, they love wearing shirt, shorts and sandals. It is light and easy to move around for them.
svetlana said…
no kids yet of my own
but i have a very lovely 4 years old niece whom i love buying clothes for.
her favorite street fashion is short with sexy sleeveless or spaghetti strap shirts and heeled sandals.
she just loves short skirt and shorts that shows up her lovely legs.
svetlana said…
cathy talens
GFC: svetlana
mayla lagrimas said…
My son wears a maong knee short, mickey mouse t-shirt, fishermans hat, shades & sneakers or a tribu sandals.
mayla lagrimas said…
Forgot my name & email add sorry..

Mayla Lagrimas
Anonymous said…
My almost 2years old son loves his Cars(c) high cut shoes from SM Kids. He wears it with maong shorts or khaki shorts and cotton shirts or shirts with collar.

Carol Javier
Kulabs said…
Lovely reyes

My 2 year old daughter loves to wear leggings and cute colorful top plus boots :)
Anonymous said…
rica sicad
my nephew loves to wear jeans and polo shirt, like his dad
Unknown said…
Carole Malenab

My 1.6 yo daughter loves to wear her ruby (glittered) loafers and her blue green shorts with almost any shirt.
Unknown said…
Sam Reboja

My daughter's usual street wear is the basic shirt-leggings combo. Not only does this feel comfortable for her to move and run around, the leggings also serve as protection from mosquito bites. For her footwear, she prefers her rubber-soled sandals over rubber shoes and sneakers. This gives room for her feet to breathe especially when we're out for a long time.
Unknown said…
I dont have kids but I love buying clothes for my niece and nephews.I hope I can join this giveaway.
My nephews just wear shirt and shorts while my niece wears skirt/leggings and shorts also.

Elsie L. Valdez
eula cruz said…
Aula C. Lomocso

I always want my daughter feel comfortable wherever she is. So for her street wear I chose a basic tee and a leggings to avoid insect bites and avoid having wounds while playing. And for her footwear I prefer for sandals with socks on (depends on the weather) to protect her little feet from direct sunlight & comfortable to wear.
Cherleen said…
My daughter's favorite street style look is her favorite top paired with leggings, a very comfortable combination for her.

Cherleen Aquino
jared's mum said…
Vix Parungao

My little man's street style is comprised of a nice-fitting tee, a comfy shorts and a pair of Snoopy sandals. He is not too particular with what he wears yet but I make it a point that he wear only comfortable article of clothing that allows him to move around freely!
zoan said…
Joanne Gonzales

My 1 year and 4 months old daughter has a fashion sense of her own. She loves to dress up, and I am glad that she is a fashionatic on her own. She loves to wear cute blouses paired with leggings plus her black boots. Aside from that, she's not scared of mosquito bites because she loves to wear her mini skirts paired with boots too.

Mish said…
Mish Rendon

At first, I wanted a girl so I could dress her up ala Barbie. But I found out that dressing up my baby boy is just as fun! I often dress him up with a polo shirt, plaid shorts, and black leather shoes. :D But my future peg for him is Alonzo Mateo's looks. :D Hope we could do that someday!
sherry ann gole cruz said…
sherry ann gole cruz
my daughter irelle favorite street look is a pair of jeans with a hugging blouse and sunglasses and nice clips on her hair,she loves to dress up funky sometimes
Yam Ongsioco said…
May Ongsioco
my kids loves to wear shirts, tutu skirt and sneakers..
Judith Solomon Albius said…
Judith Albius

My 4 year old son loves to wear jeans and polo shirt .
Rachelle Therese F. Gonzales said…
Rachelle Therese F. Gonzales

Casual and cool look clothes
Gie Cruz said…
Gie Cruz
My daughter loves to wear leggings and skinny jeans
Chona Gomba said…
My little sissy loves to wear her long & flowy pink dress & pink doll shoes . She always wears those with some of her SM Accessories Kids collection, and with her hair done in her usual hairstyle - pigtails! :)

Chona Gomba
Lovely Joy V. Merced said…
My son loves to wear blue jeans and character shop shirts.

Lovely Joy Merced
Pat said…
My little cousins like to mix and match their outfits. They are not afraid to combine different colors in their outfits. I would like to describe their style as sweet and girly. :)

Patricia Hernandez
Kath Rivera said…
My son loves to wear comfy shorts and t shirts with matching loafers or sperry inspired shoes. I see my son's outfit on the poster of the boy above. Very Kenzo indeed :)
Kath Rivera said…
Forgot my deets: Katherine Rivera
AineGarcia said…
Aine Garcia

flip flops, shorts, and sleeveless top for my little girl's street style :)
RubySalazarPapio said…

My daughter style look is like barbie she loves a skinny pants with cutie pink blouse and pink belt as well.. Shes a barbie type look
Criselda Blancaflor said…
Criselda Blancaflor

i have a 1year old son who is comfortable with sando and shorts
Warlene Mae Mocorro Alagao said…
When I was a kid, I was quite a fashionista or a fashion citizen (Whatever you want to call it). I like to mix and match. I even went to school with my Barbie boots and went to preschool with my shoes and lacey socks. I can say that my style as a kid is glamorous. I also have nieces, nephews and cousins who's styles are like that too. No matter how plain the clothes we wear, we rock it out with accessories on.
Warlene Mae Mocorro Alagao said…
I forgot: >.<
Warlene Mae Alagao
Becoming Sleek said…
My daughter's favorite street style is a girly dress, knee high socks, and pink sneakers.

Pat Manasan
chenzkee said…
Chinly Arimbuyutan

ANS: My daughter favorite street style look are clothes where can she be more comfortable and feels like a doll or with a korean twist cause she look like one.. ^^, something goes a little like dress and colorful printed clothes.
maydoll0513 said…
Leggings, cartoon character blouse or shirt and a pair of sandals is my kid's favorite street style look! ^_^
Ma. Elinor Semira
elinorsemira0124 at gmail dot com
Enchie Fremista said…
name: Enchie Fremista

email address:

Describe your kids favorite street style look:

My Favorite Child Outfit is just Simple yet Unique and Presentable look. Like these Street Style Look.


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