stuart weitzman opens in sm aura

"When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to acheive it." - Paolo Coehlo

This may seem a little dramatic but in this case it holds true. I have been posting this photo of Kate Moss all over my social media accounts the past weeks looking for someone selling these gorgeous, knee-high gladiator sandals from Stuart Weitzman. I got no leads, until one day, I received an email inviting me to (you guessed it) the opening of Stuart Weitzman's first flagship store in the Philippines!

And it wasn't just about this particular shoe that got me all excited and enthusiastic about the event. I have long been a fan of Stuart Weitzman and it used to be so difficult for me to get my fix. I had to rely on relatives abroad or travel myself.

Stuart Weitzman's attention to detail make his shoes all the more alluring to fashionistas and celebrities all over the world which in turn, make them even harder to ignore with numerous street style snaps littered all over the net. His are "It Shoes" with the ability to truly make women happy and standout.

His affinity with the fashion forward set was very evident in the choice of footwear worn by fellow guests:

 And now, what you've all been waiting for. Your daily dose of shoe porn. Here are snaps of a few of my favorites from the current styles they have in store at SM Aura. Grab your tissues, it's time to salivate.
stuart weitzman sm aura
stuart weitzman manila
stuart weitzman philippines
stuart weitzman flagship store manila
stuart weitzman opening sm aura
I want this pair so bad...

stuart weitzman snakeskin pumps 
stuart weitzman monkey shoe philippines
stuart weitzman shoes manila
stuart weitzman lifestyle asia
stuart weitzman flats philippines
In case you've noticed, the sandals I want aren't in store....YET. Turns out it's from their iconic 5050 line which celebrates the 20th anniversay of Stuart Weiztman. They will be arriving later this year for Fall/Winter 2013 along with other HIGHLY covetable designs.

Time to save up ladies!

Stuart Weitzman's Manila flagship store is located at the 1st level of SM Aura



'JuliĆ© Ann said…
yey! kasama ung shoes ko... the one with glitters! :) thank you!
sarahtirona said…
pretty shoes always deserve to shine! my pleasure, thanks for dropping by :)