t. le clerc fall/winter 2013 lipsticks, swatch + srp

When asked by friends and relatives for mid-price lipstick reco's, my number one choice is always T. Le Clerc.

I used to be only familiar with their Banane loose powder before but have since been a fan of their many products over the years. Out of everything they offer though, my favorite are their lipsticks.

Unlike other brands whose consistency varies from shade to shade, I find T. Le Clerc to be consistent. Their lipsticks always glide on smoothly, are highly pigmented, mositurizing, creamy and odorless. (can't stand a lipstick that smells awful no matter how pretty the shade)

t le clerc philippines
t le clerc idylle lipstick swatch
The colors from their Fall/Winter 2013 Elixir line are no exception. They have a satin finish that looks elegant, delicate and very "Parisienne". My favorite among the four new longwearing shades is Idylle which is a soft and creamy pink on my skin but is advertised as a nude beige with a hint of salmon. Aside from that, there's also  Rose chair: Nude beige with a hint of pink, Sone: true pink, and Enivrant: plum. They're all pretty neutral and easy to pair but very flattering in a sophisticated kind of way when worn...like you're not trying too hard. :)

t le clerc fall winter 2013 lipstick swatches
T. Le Clerc's Lipsticks retail for P795 and are available in all Rustans Department Stores nationwide.


the shade looks so nice sarah :)
Rhea said…
That is a gorgeous shade!
ava te said…
gorgeous shade i must say!
lubica said…
Great post...

sarahtirona said…
not so much into pinks pero this i like! :)
sarahtirona said…
the texture is also amazing, so creamy :)
sarahtirona said…
thanks rovie, try it, feeling ko bagay sayo :)
Hollie Damz said…
wow very elegant and chic packaging! the shades are absolutely beautiful ^_^