trend alert: tortoise shell sunglasses

tortoise shell sunglasses trend
tortoise shell sunglasses street style fashion outfits
I spent last night randomly browsing the web for some inspirational street style snaps. Being the style icon that she is, I kept coming across photos of Olivia Palermo. After awhile, I noticed that all her pictures had something in common: Tortoise Shell sunglasses. In fact, after searching a bit more, I observed that most of the more prominent style icons were also photographed donning a similar pair.

Which brings me to the conclusion that I may have accidentally stumbled upon one of the hottest trends this summer and why not? Unlike candy colored frames and mirror lenses, tortoise shell sunglasses look refreshingly elegant and go with mostly anything. A classic design that can withstand many, many years and fleeting trends.

It's a look I immediately fell for and couldn't shake off so I took the web once again to search for possible prospects. I found this pair of Raybans from Optical Express which were being sold for around $175/P7k. Is it just me or is it cheaper there? Most of the Raybans I've come across in the malls go for around P10-15k, am I right? Anyway, they're definitely at the top of my wish list right now. How about you?


danielle said…
i bought a marc by marc jacobs pair last year. still wear them non stop!
Joy Baltazar said…
Ray Ban wayfarers cost P7,190 at SM dept store.