breeze breaks guiness record

breeze guinness book of world records
#Sigemoms unite!

2,132 sigemoms flocked to the  University of Makati to break the Guinness world record for most number of people handwashing simultaneously in a single venue.

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Despite the rain, everyone was in high spirits dancing and singing as they washed white cloth stained heavily with chocolate milk, ink and grape juice. They proved once again how easy, quick and effortless stain removal is with Breeze and it's unique Activbleach. I was able to remove a red wine stain from my favorite white skorts by just soaking it in Breeze for a few hours. Definitely the best!

breeze sigemoms
In the end, Breeze along with the help of #Sigemoms were able to break Vietnam's previous record of 1,968.

breeze guinness
Definitely well deserved. Kudos to all the #sigemoms who helped make this happen. Sige lang ng sige!

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